World champs return

Atlantis Taekwondo’s athletes are back from worlds with medals around their necks

Atlantis Taekwondo’s athletes are back from worlds with medals around their necks.

Eight club members travelled to Edmonton to compete in the International Chang-Hon Taekwon-do Federation 10th Anniversary World Cup, held Oct. 18 and 19 in Edmonton, Alberta. The tournament saw 650 competitors compete, with eight rings going at all times.

“The tournament was amazing,” said Atlantis Taekwondo coach Cody Skog, noting his club did “very well.”

“I knew they would do well but it’s still very exciting how well they did,” he said.

Destiny Stewart took gold in sparring and silver in patterns; Jimmy Nijar received silver in sparring; Aquilies Downs took silver in sparring; Malcom Neifer took silver in sparring; Barbra Bond received silver in sparring; and Carla Seaton took silver in sparring and bronze in patterns.

But Skog didn’t share his coachees’ successes, tearing his hamstring just before his match.

He fought and won that first match, but halfway through the second match tore it more and could not continue.

“It’s too bad,” he said, joking that he won a ‘big injury’.

“I just love sparring at that level,” he said. “Oh well, next time.”

The tournament was a chance to get introduced or reconnected to the taekwondo community, both socially and culturally, he said.

“So much respect. And the knowledge and experience is priceless,” he said.

It was also a chance for Skog to connect with black belt competitors from around the world, who he has invited to a tournament here next spring.


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