Wild racing on hot summer night

Wild racing on hot summer night

Beaulieu 11th south of border

  • Jul. 16, 2018 12:00 a.m.

A beautiful summer night combined with 60 race cars and two self-loading logging trucks making short work of four import cars highlighted the racing program Saturday night at Saratoga Speedway.

The Fearless logging-sponsored night of racing began with two logging trucks competing against each other to determine which could toss a car the furthest, and which could remove a motor the quickest. When all was said and done, four cars were turned into pieces and each trucker ended up with a win.

With the biggest car count of the season to date, the Hornet cars, Road Runners, Mad Max and Crash to pass cars entertained a big crowd with a full night of highly competitive races in all classes.

Racing began with two four-lap trophy dashes for the Hornet B cars. Wins went to Gilles Roberts and Riley Dekker. The third dash was the Mad Max cars, and the win went to Damon Dunn.

The Hornet cars ran three eight-lap heat races, with wins going to Austin Klee, Chevy Carlson and Kiana Westra. They were followed by a pair of 20-lap main events. Wins went to Isaac Davis and James Laidlaw.

In Hornet A racing, Nigel Neufeld picked up the heat race win while Raymond Fortier took the main event win. In Road Runner action, Garrett Ann Rosner won the heat race and Carl Carlson narrowly won the 15-lap main event.

Brad Dimitrov was a double winner in Mad Max, winning the heat race and main event. In Crash to Pass racing, Chris Campbell won the heat, and Mike Jenkins survived the 15 laps to win the main event.

This Saturday, the IMCA Modifides and the Bomber cars will be joined by the Hornet cars — the last oval track event before the season’s biggest weekend, Aug. 4 and 5, when Monster Jam invades the Black Creek oval for two days of Monster Truck mayhem.

•Local racer Jason Beaulieu recently travelled to North Dakota to compete in a dirt IMCA Modifide tour that saw 103 cars compete at six tracks in six days. When the final points were added up, the former two-time Canadian IMCA champion found himself finishing 11th.

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