Watch Lake/Green Lake Gymkhana a summer tradition

Watch lake green lake gymkhana

Dennis Gunn of Williams Lake charges to the finish line in the stake race at last weekend's Watch Lake/Green Lake Gymkhana.

Dennis Gunn of Williams Lake charges to the finish line in the stake race at last weekend's Watch Lake/Green Lake Gymkhana.

The Watch Lake/Green Lake Gymkhana has become one of the South Cariboo’s longest standing summer traditions, and on July 9, the first of two to be held this year took place under ideal conditions.

Heat from the sun was just strong enough to warm the air and a gentle breeze kept the bugs away as 39 riders of all ages and their steeds participated in horseback races.

Co-ordinator Dimps Horn says the entry level was normal for the July event and she expects numbers to be higher for the Aug. 13 gymkhana.

“It was good, even though we had a lot of competition from the carriage-driving event at 70 Mile and the soccer tournament in town. That probably attracted a few grandparents.”

Results from the July gymkhana will be combined with those in August to come up with aggregate winners in the categories of peewee, junior, intermediate and senior.

At the July event, Rayelle Robinson was the aggregate leader in the Peewee division, followed by Wyatt McCullough in second place and Dane Robinson in third.

In the junior division, it was Kaylee Billyboy in first, Cassidy Mellott in second and Kailey Dube in third.

The intermediate category had Sarah Gilmour out in front, with Madison Dam in second place and Alicia Williamson in third.

Aggregate winner in the senior division was Dennis Gunn, with Nicole Hoessl in second place and Karen MacLeod in third.

The day featured fun races, including pole bending, stake race, ribbon race, barrels, keyhole, boot race and musical tires. Results from each individual event, with winners from first to third place in each age division were:


Pole bending: Rayelle. Robinson; Wyatt McCullough; Katelyn Foss.

Stake race: R. Robinson; W. McCullough; K. Foss.

Barrel race: R. Robinson; D. Robinson; W. McCullough.

Keyhole: D. Robinson; W. McCullough; no time for third.


Pole bending: Kaylee Billyboy; Kailey Dube; Wesley Foss.

Stake race: Billyboy; Cassidy Mellott; Taylor McCullough.

Barrel race: T. McCullough; Dube; Mellott.

Keyhole: Mellott; Billyboy; Lee McLean.


Pole bending: Sarah Gilmour; Madison Dam; Alicia Williamson.

Stake race: Gilmour; Dam; Williamson

Barrel race: Dam; Gilmour; Williamson.

Keyhole: Gilmour; Maggy Germany; Courtney Hedges.


Pole bending: Dennis Gunn; Punky Mulvahill; Emmy Lou Stoeter.

Stake race: Nicole Hoessl; Karen MacLeod; Gunn.

Barrel race: Hoessl; Gunn; Stoeter.

Keyhole: Gunn; MacLeod; Carol Thorne.

Open races

Ribbon race: Mulvahill and Billyboy; Gunn and Hoessl; T. McCullough and Dube.

Boot race: Dam; W. Foss; Stoeter.

Musical tires: W. Foss; Williamson; Tamara Giles.

The peewee category also featured races for young up-and-coming riders on a lead line who are not included in the competition for aggregate winner.

Results from lead line were:

Pole bending: John Noskey; Enno Willow; Kianna Garrett.

Stake race: Noskey; Garrett; no time for third.

Barrel race: Clara Germany; Noskey; Garrett.

Keyhole: Noskey; Germany; Garrett.


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