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Another successful year for popular youth basketball league







The 20th year of Thunderball has ended for the annual Grade 4 to 7 youth basketball league that runs out of Lake Trail Middle School and G.P. Vanier Secondary.

With almost 120 participants and over 30 coaches, the league was again an outstanding success. Numerous youngsters were introduced to basketball while many others had lots of fun as they continued to take their game to the next level.

“A big thank you to all the coaches who assisted in making the league so successful, and in particular coach Blake Tobacca for running the show at Lake Trail for the Grades 4 and 5,” said league spokesperson Larry Street. Week seven results:

Minor League at Lake Trail

Stingers vs. Rebels

Stingers’ coach Danelle Campbell was very impressed with Graeme Gillard, Thomas Demeo and Vincent Jodain. They all hustled down the floor to defend the ball and were on defence quickly for their teammates when help was needed. Danelle was most impressed with all the teams who showed tremendous improvement, and this last day exemplified all they have learned.

Rebels’ coach Colton DeRycke was very proud of Liam Greeley for his defensive savvy and Hayden Fieret for his great passes. This was certainly the best game of the season for all the Rebels.

Knights vs. All Stars

Coach Son Pham noted his MVP was Ethan Lloyd, while he is always amazed at how Cedar Lloyd could go around so many defenders. This was a great final day for the winning Knights.

Coach Tracy Tran was equally impressed with her All Stars and in particular Pierre Oliver who had plenty of breakaways. Her team did an amazing job the last two weeks and like all the others improved a lot. Tracy is very proud of her team.

Royalty vs. Pirates

Bobbi Thomas, the extreme coach for the Pirates, was notably impressed with her MVP for the day Stuart Jenks, who did some great passing, showed intense game play, and was a three-point wonder! Coaches Aiyana and Cassie for the Royalty team loved how Matt Guthrie and David Tien dominated play. The Royalty  showed lots of enthusiasm and tremendous improvements in their play. The coaches hope to see them again on the court next year.

Major Leagues at G.P. Vanier

Grade 6-7 Boys

Swarm vs. Balance

For the last game of the year, it was a battle to the end. Coaches Katie and Dillon of the Swarm just couldn’t get their charges to score as many points as the Balance team, who led by super coaches Cam  Hughes and Jacob Stewart went undefeated.

For the Swarm Sam Dyer and Aidan Hitchmough were great rebounders while Lucas Fanslay did some great passing. Marco Tancon was his usual great hustler and is always a pleasure to coach.

Coaches Hughes and Stewart were most impressed with Joe Whittington and Cody Doberstein who, like their teammates, showed lots of heart and determination. What a great group to work with.

Fury vs. Rage

The Scotts (Theriault and Stevens) coached a fine bunch of boys here, led by Liam Vandervoort and Rheydon Le. This game was very close with the Fury behind at the half. With many steals by Liam and Rheydon the gap was closed and eventually the game was tied.

A big basket in the end helped them defeat the Rage, who were led by super shot Kyle Piercy and his three teammates for the day Carson, Bardia and Ryley. Great effort by the boys who had to play the whole game.

Grade 6-7 Girls

Sky Angels vs. Fast Kats

Coaches Amy Morro and Jessica Pitre were very happy with all their players and had a tremendously good time with them every Sunday. Good luck to everyone this summer.

Coaches Faeryn Curtin and Kassandra Sewell of the Fast Kats also loved the play of everyone, and the improvement of everyone was amazing.  Breanna Patterson’s shooting was spot on while Katie Piell, making super passes,  was a true playmaker for her team.

Supersonics vs. Lightning Quick

Coach Jade Heavener of the Sonics was simply amazed by her team, led by Natasha Hopes. The development of these girls was very high and all their skills came a long way. For Lightning Quick,  Alyssa Erickson showed excellent positioning on defence and had many nice cuts to the basket. Coach Kendra Lee loved the effort from all the players and their awesome attitudes really showed today.

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