The Myron Nichol team nailed down the Kootenay Savings Super League title in the final game of the season on Thursday with a win over Team Russ Beauchamp.

The Myron Nichol team nailed down the Kootenay Savings Super League title in the final game of the season on Thursday with a win over Team Russ Beauchamp.

Team Nichol Super League champion

The Myron Nichol rink ensures Kootenay Savings Super League title with win in final match.

Another year of great curling in the Kootenay Savings Super League is in the books, with Team Myron Nichol the 2017-18 season champs.

Team Nichol led by just two points over Bedard Excavating heading into the final match of the season Thursday, and showed why it was the top team in the Super League in a dominating performance against Team Russ Beauchamp. Nichol stole the first three ends for an early 4-0 lead, before skip Russ got his team on the board with a nice come around tap for one in the fourth, then closed the gap slightly with a steal in five. Team Nichol front end responded with a couple of perfect board-weight hit-and-rolls behind corner guards, leading to skip Myron having an open hit for a game ending four, and an 8-2 victory.

Team Sitkum IT, skipped by Nando Salviulo and Team Heather Nichol squared off in a closely contested battle. Both teams started with singles, followed by a deuce for Sitkum in the third. Team Heather Nichol blanked the fourth, but could only manage a single in five, before skip Heather made a perfect hit-and-roll behind cover, leading to a steal of one in the sixth, and tying the game 3-3. Everything went Team Sitkum’s way in the seventh, making eight perfect shots on the way to a huge four-ender, then running the ladies out of rocks in the eighth, to preserve the 7-3 win.

Another close battle was at hand with Team Bill van Yzerloo and Team Jill Winters. Facing two opposition stones, Skip Jill drew to the four foot for one in the first. Skip Bill made an open hit for two in the second, then forced Winters into another draw to the four foot in the third. The tight play continued, as Winters held van Yzerloo to a single in the fourth, and looked to take the lead with a draw for two in the fifth, that fudged coming into the house, thus settling for another single to tie the game at three-all. A missed line call on a van Yzerloo difficult thin double-takeout for two, through a tight port, ended in a Winters steal of one in six. Van Yzerloo re-took the lead with a deuce in seven, and had two guarded in the house in eight, but Skip Jill made a perfect angle-raise to the button for one, and an exciting 5-5 tie.

Team Albo were in tough against Team Marcus Partridge. Team Partridge stole one in the first with a stone buried behind a wall of granite that Albo attempted to remove with an angle slash for four, but never had a chance. Skip Darrin came back with an open hit for two in the second, then made a perfect cross-ice double in the third for a steal of one and an early 3-1 lead. Albo elected to go for the steal again in the fourth, playing a come around draw to sit one, instead of attempting another hit and roll. Unfortunately, it under-curled, leaving Skip Marcus a fully exposed rock for an open hit for three. Partridge then stole one in the fifth, and maintained his advantage when Albo’s draw for two to tie the game came up short in the sixth. In the seventh, again Team Albo ignored the two exposed opposition stones and attempted a draw around two center guards for a possible steal. But like the fourth end, it wasn’t quite good enough, leading to a Partridge field goal, and a hand shaking 8-4 win.

It was a similar MO for Team Bedard Excavating, skipped by Deane Horning, facing Team Desiree Borsato. Team Bedard stole the first two ends, for the early 3-0 lead. Skip Des made a draw to the four foot for one in the fourth, then stole the fifth with a delicate tap and roll behind a wall of granite. Team Bedard regained control with a deuce in five, then salted the game away with steals in six and seven for another 8-2 win.

A big thank-you to Kootenay Savings Credit Union for their continued sponsorship of the Super League in Trail, and also to the Trail Times and Nando Salviulo ( for posting the weekly write ups.

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