Super League Curling

It's the season without end as regular season wraps up with ties and continues with tie–breakers.

  • Feb. 12, 2013 11:00 a.m.

The Super League (nearly) wound up their regular season last week, with four teams securing six of the championship berths.

Billy Barker, who had already clinched a berth, put Willis Harper’s dreams on life support by giving them an 11-5 beating.

Willis Harper’s magic lamp wore low on fuel and Billy Baker Casino cashed in a high octane win, rolling into the playoffs in fine form.

Investor’s group kept their dreams alive, attaining a finals berth, with a 7-6 victory over A&W, who stand in a precarious position, playoffs-wise.

The jolly green giant leaking two sheets over was too much of a distraction for A&W to overcome. With a big three in the last end, Investors eked out a victory that kept them out of the league basement.

DLE took out JAR Transportation 7-5.

Douglas Lake Equipment ended the regular season tied for the lead with the CDC ‘green squad.’ DLE barely held on for the win as they were distracted by the neighbouring CDC team, composed of Ben (string bean), Jen Sprout, Tracy Pepper and Terry substituting for (Green Bean) Dean.

CDC barely took down Karin’s Health Food, 6-5, to stay tied for first.

Looking, feeling and curling like they have never before, the CDC had their hands full with Karen’s. A rare time-out to win the game placed CDC in the limelight to end round robin play.

Frank’s, with their playoff hopes on the line, handily beat Ski-Hi, 10-3.

Behind their boisterous fans and tired of the lame write-ups in the paper, Frank’s knocked Ski-Hi from their pedestal, beating them soundly in six ends. Frank’s fans were openly weeping after the beautiful display of curling. The first six fans received $500 Frank’s gift certificates valid until 10 p.m. Feb. 6, 2010.

And on the extra sheet, Earl Spielman practiced for two hours, waiting for his chance to break into the big leagues.

After 16 weeks of regular season, the Quesnel Super League still could not decide the top six teams for the championship round. With four teams tied at eight and eight and only three spots available, there will be a draw competition prior to the start of the playoffs. Investors group will not have to compete as they had a better head–to–head record against the other three teams. So, A&W, Willis Harper and Frank’s Supermarket will have a throw off to see who joins Child Development, Douglas Lake Equipment, Billy Barker Casino and Investors Group for the Super League Championship.

Quesnel Cariboo Observer