Super League Curling

As the rock curls, the continuing drama of the super league curlers.

Like rocks down sheets of ice, these are the tales of the Super League.

Willis and the Golf Course were in a spectacular will they/won’t they relationship, that ended in tears for the golf course, as Willis Harper took the game.

It was a great battle between the golfers and the furniture crew as Willis Harper took two in the eighth end for the 6-5 win.

CDC teased Sky-Hi, but didn’t allow them very much leeway as the kids ran away with the win.

It was not such an elevating performance by the erection crew, leaving the CDC kids to climb up the standings after the 6-2 win.

Investors beat Karin’s Deli in dramatic fashion.

The deli was hit hard by the more than 50 investors group thieves and investors stole their way to a much needed victory.

A&W swept Billy Barker off their feet with an easy win.

In the feature match, A&W ended a three game slide by beating the previously undefeated Billy Barker crew. A&W was up by 4-3 in the sixth and stole three more in the seventh, then ran the Billy Barker team out of rocks in the eighth.

Stay tuned next week for the continued tumultuous relationships of the super curlers.

Quesnel Cariboo Observer