Super League Curling

The super league curlers go curling down that final stretch of the regular season.

The Super League is closing in on the post season, with 13 weeks down and a scant two to go.

With only six of the ten teams making it into the post season the teams are hitting their last games with everything they have.

Last week, Billy Barker faced off against the Investor’s Group, the former beating the latter 8-2.

Turns out investing with the chips paid better dividends than mutual funds.

JAR Transportation and the newly dubbed Ski Hi Scaffold played to a12-2 final in favour of the JAR.

JAR took it to Ski Hi early hitting two in the first end and stocking two in the second. Ski Hi responded with two in the third, but from there on it was all JAR’s game with four in the fourth and four more in the sixth.

On sheet D, the foodies faced off with A&W slipping past Frank’s Supermarket, 8-7.

A&W got out to a 4-1 lead after 3, but Frank’s super boys took five in the fourth for a 6-4 lead. A&W kept up the pressure by scoring two in the fifth and stealing one in the sixth and seventh to go up by two. Frank’s couldn’t come back and only scored one in the eighth.

Karin’s took down Willis Harper, eight over seven.

Karin’s started the game winning the first two ends and staying up on Willis Harper to the seventh end when Willis Harper took two points to go ahead by one. Karin’s took the tying point in the eighth and won the extra end.

DLE and CDC made an alphabet soup on sheet ‘F’, inverting alphabetic order when DLE took CC, 8-6.

After a great start, CDC let the kids out for recess to allow the Kubota boys to steal their way to a win over Big Ben’s team. It was a battle for first, with DLE taking sole possession.

Quesnel Cariboo Observer