Stocking stuffers and small gift ideas for holidays

This list of stocking stuffers is intended to help you with ideas for small holiday gifts from $2 to $10

THE CHRISTMAS SPIRIT of giving knows no season.

THE CHRISTMAS SPIRIT of giving knows no season.





This list of stocking stuffers is intended to help you with ideas for small holiday gifts from $2 to $10. There isn’t anything on the list that I do not already own or would like to own. Tackle boxes and hunting packs are bottomless containers that always have room for more useful stuff. For convenience I have broken the list into four categories; although there is some overlapping between saltwater and freshwater lures.

Freshwater Berkley Gulp Powerbait – eggs, grubs, worms, paste – $4 to $10; Split Shot weights in packages (one size) $10; Angler Tackle split shot plastic circle holders and shot – $4 to $5 (excellent containers for keeping various sized split shot); Eagle Claw Bobber Stops – two types, Eagle-Claw, Fluorescent chord and bead $3.50, and plastic bead $2 -these are terrific aids for all float anglers; Special floats for bobber stoppers – $4 to $7; Leo’s Bendall Flashers – $3 to $5; Apex Hot-Spot – Trout killer troll – $7; Gibbs willow leaf troll (small) – $9; Flatfish varying sizes – $7 to $10, (I saw a fly-rod size that intrigued me); Casting spoons for trout Len Thompson, Kamlooper, Crocs – $4 to $7.50; Wee – Tad Tomic Plug – $9; Aero Jigs (lead-head) Dressed – $4, bare jigs package. of three – $4; Wigglewood Lures – small plug – $5 to $7; Blue Fox, Mepps and Rooster Tail spinner – $4 to $7.

Saltwater Buzz Bombs, Spinnows, Zzingers, Zeldas $4 to $9; Gibbs Gipsy and Coyote spoons – $7 to $8; Assorted types of salmon hoochies – $7 to $10 (note: when buying hoochies they can be species, area and season timing specific); Hali-Hawg and Gibbs Halibut Grubs $7 to $9; Radiant and Delta halibut hoochies – $9; Delta Tackle and Gibbs Halibut rigged circle hooks – $8; Assorted weights for trolling and bottom fishing – $2 to $5; Berkley Powerbait grubs for halibut $5.50; Berkley Line Clippers, (Black or pink) – $8 to $9; Glow in the dark, red, or white bait buckets for crab and prawn traps – $4; Line snaps for attaching traps

and weights to prawn and crab lines – $3.50; Copper River and other types of scents to attract fish, prawns and crabs – $7 to $9; Smelly Jelly – $7.

Hunting and Shooting Hoppe’s Silicon cloth, a great new innovation for the field to protect your guns – $5 to $7.50; Gun locks bolt style – $7 to $9, bolt cable lock – $7; Jerky cure and other meat seasoning – $7 to $10; Paper targets for shooting practice – less than a $1; EZ-Throw 3 clay target thrower – $10 (note: this thrower is made to use in mild temperatures); Rifle cleaning rod – $10; Shot gun shell holder $10; Various deer scents – $ 9; Neoprene scope cover – $9.

Camping and other Outdoor Activities Shoe Goop – Shoegoo – $10; Red Duck Tape and other duck tapes – $4 to $6 (one of the most useful gifts you can give a person who has to fix things in the outdoors); Hand and foot warmers – $2 to $10; Coleman tent pegs in various combinations – $4 to $7 (also useful in pegging down tarps); Clothe pins wood – $3, plastic – $7 (note:-almost as good as tape in some situations); Coghlans emergency blanket – $3.50 (could be an aid to avoid hyperthermia); Magic Stick flint fire starter – $3.50 (it has a piece of pitch wood enclosed, great idea); Coghlans Water Proof Fire Sticks – $3.50; Coghlans Waterproof Matches – package of 4 – $3.50 (note: the last four items are great aids in comfortable camping in our wet climate.) Smiths right or left hand knife and scissor sharpeners -$8; Smoke House Chips, alder, hickory. Mesquite, apple – $5; Coghlans Solar Heated camp shower – $8; Coghlans Light Sticks – $4; Coghlans Table Cloth Weights (neat idea) – $4.50: Coghlans Rubber Mallet for driving in tent pegs – $6; Nylon chords, various lengths, but very useful – $5 to $7.

There are many stores throughout the Valley that carry these items and I wish to thank Canadian Tire, Gone Fishin’ and Tyee Marine for their help in making this list. Gifting need not be expensive – just an expression from one kindred soul to another.

Ralph Shaw is a master fly fisherman who was awarded the Order of Canada in 1984 for his conservation efforts. In 20 years of writing a column in the Comox Valley Record it has won several awards.





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