Last year the Spartan Race took place for the first time at Kimberley Alpine Resort. It returns this year with a few changes to the courses. (Corey Bullock/Kimberley Bulletin file).

Last year the Spartan Race took place for the first time at Kimberley Alpine Resort. It returns this year with a few changes to the courses. (Corey Bullock/Kimberley Bulletin file).

Still time to sign up, volunteer for the Spartan Race at Kimberley Alpine Resort

This year will see a few changes to the courses: less climbing, more traversing says Race Director.

  • Jun. 21, 2019 12:00 a.m.

The Spartan Race is back at Kimberley Alpine Resort this July and there is still time to sign up, with room in all race categories including kids.

The race takes place from July 12 to 14, 2019 with several different race categories to choose from including ‘sprint’, ‘super’, ‘beast’, ‘ultra’ and the kids race.

Last year was the first year that KAR hosted the event, with hundreds of athletes coming from all over North America to participate.

Race Director Johnny Waite says that this year’s courses will be different from last year after hearing mixed reviews from participants.

“Many of our most ‘hardcore’ racers rated [the courses] as the ‘best ever anywhere in the world’, but we had an equal number of ‘that was way too hard’ reactions, especially from new racers,” explained Waite. “After spending so much time building there last summer, we are now much more familiar with the mountain and have been able to design courses that should make everyone happy.”

He says that the Sprint race doesn’t have nearly as much climbing as last year, and is a great 5km closer to the base of the ski hill. “A true sprint,” he says.

“The Super is similar to last year, people all seemed to think it was ‘just right’ but that I had already burned them out on the sprint and beast before Sunday,” Waite explained. “The Beast is where the biggest changes are, almost 1,000m less elevation change, so way less up and down and way more back and forth along the traverses.”

He adds that it’s not necessarily less challenging, but less arduous.

“Put another way, racers will be able to let their legs run more this year, rather than just grinding climbs. All the views and fun and more opportunities for speed,” he said.

Lastly, this year will have more streamlined and well-stocked water stations.

“Last year we did have enough water stations but the weather turned out to be way hotter than we predicted, and we also had issues getting supplies to the stations to restock,” Waite explained. “All [of these] issues have been addressed and there will be plenty of hydration.”

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Volunteers are also needed for this year’s race, says Ivy Leung, Director of Finance and Business Planning for Spartan Race Canada.

“We are very low on [volunteer] numbers,” she said. “Volunteers are essentially divided between festival (finish line, registration and kids area) and on course. They have the option of choosing what their preference is during volunteer registration online.”

She adds that all volunteers receive a free volunteer t-shirt and full day volunteers receive an additional Spartan hoodie. Volunteers are also eligible for a free race (the next day or at another event).

All of the races, prices and volunteer information are outlined on the spartan website at You can sign up on the day of the event, however it is recommended to commit to the race soon as spots can fill up quickly. For spectators, the event is $15.

The Spartan website recommends that racers arrive 1.5 to 2 hours before their scheduled heat to allow ample time for parking, check-in, bag drop and warm up.

Parking is cash only, at a cost of $15. Carpooling is strongly encouraged as all parking is at the ski hill.

Racers are encouraged to bring a towel, change of clothes and shoes, plastic bag for muddy items, sunscreen, gel packs, snacks, water and cash.

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