Sports ‘n’ Things: Equipment issues should be loudly alerted

"Bauer equipment is in extensive use around this province and if a safety problem is in play such parents should be alerted."

Just a note about hockey equipment.  CBC ran an, “exclusive,” report about a supposedly top of the line goalie mask ($1,000 sounds like a top of the line item to me, anyway) that broke under moderate pressure and may result in a junior goalie being blinded in one eye.

It may be an important warning for B.C., because the manufacturer, Bauer, is the primary supplier of equipment to the B.C. Hockey League – which is an important factor in minor hockey across the province.

There was some kind of a voluntary recall issued by the company,  but many purchasers may be unaware of it, so parents of minor hockey goalies should look into the issue.

No idea who may be to blame here, but as I said, Bauer equipment is in extensive use around this province and if a safety problem is in play such parents should be alerted.


It has become ball season, but for fans of the senior Orioles it will last only this month, so they better get out to Butler soon.

The Orioles have a quality starting rotation that is almost entirely local guys, and sometimes can put numbers on the scoreboard on offense, as well.

Last weekend’s four-game set with Kelowna showed they can compete at the Pacific International League level, and fans and players alike enjoyed the weekend, especially Sunday.

Kelowna seems to have become quite a ball hotspot, because the Jays attract even American young wannabes to their roster, so, quality opposition for the 2-2 split for the Orioles, who were a bit undermanned for Saturday’s first two contests.

The next and last of the current year’s home PIL action for the Orioles will be a three or four game set against the Northwest Honkers on the June 20 weekend.

It is a surprise in many ways that senior baseball still exists in the area, so we should enjoy it, and being at Butler while the big boys play.


I think it is easy to make a case that Christine Sinclair is the best female soccer player in history, period, and in case of conflict I will choose Women’s World Cup action featuring Canada over the grinding, boring, Stanley Cup finals, which have no compelling storyline attached (not one that compells me to make any extra effort to watch, anyway).

Go, Canada, Go.  Continuing last night (right after I compose this), I hope.

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