South end schools track meet

Clouds part for interschool track meet in 100 Mile House

Timing couldn’t have been tighter for the South End Track and Field Interschool Meet, which managed to pull off a rain-free event that turned out to be the only sunny day of the week.

100 Mile House Elementary School (100) hosted the meet on the school field, June 13, with participating elementary schools Mile 108 (108), Horse Lake (HL), Bridge Lake (BL), Eliza Archie Memorial (EAMS), Buffalo Creek (BC), Forest Grove (FG), and Lac la Hache (LLH).

Competitors earned personal awards and also contributed to overall standings for their schools. 100 Mile was the winner among the large schools, with Mile 108 second and Horse Lake third.

The small school winner was Bridge Lake; second went to EAMS; and Buffalo Creek, Forest Grove and Lac la Hache tied for third.

Individual girls and boys aggregate award winners in the 10-year-old division were Camille Barton (100) and John Jordaan (100).

In the 11-year-old group, it was Maya Geerts (100) and Devin Giroux (100). In 12-year-old competition, the winners were Sienna Monical (108) and Cameron Ardiel (108).

The 13-year-old division had Lydia Kinasewich (100) and Dylan McNeil (108) as the winners.

Individual top 3 results, from first to third in each division were:

10-year-old girls

100 metre: Camryn Ray (108); Camille Barton; and Ashley Ramorasata (100).

200 m: Barton; Ray; and Lisa Beck (100).

800 m: Barton; Darlyssa Chretien (100); and Mikayla Julseth (108).

High jump: Hailey McNabb (108); Barton; and Ray.

Shot put: Jill McArthur (108); Ray; and Chloe Mitchell (100).

Long jump: Julseth; Barton; and Ramorasata.

Broad jump: Ramorasata; Barton; and McNabb.


10-year-old boys

100 m: John Jordaan; Kai Flett (108); and Ryan Chamberlain.

200 m: Jordaan; Flett; and Ethan Sanders (108).

800 m: Jordaan; Ty Bowen (108); and Julian Zucchelli (108).

High jump: Robert Waldner (BL); Kolton Lindner (100); and Jason Watkins.

Shot put: Colby Glen (HL); Chamberlain; and Sanders.

Long jump: Glen; Jordaan; and Jayden Knight (100).

Broad jump: Waldner; Aiden Seiler (HL); and Flett.


11-year-old girls

100 m: Maya Geerts; Amy Baechmann (100); and Jessica Loft (BL).

200 m: Geerts; Baechmann; and Lauren Popadinac (HL).

800 m: Geerts; Baechmann; and Sienna Parent (HL).

High jump: Parent; Mia Weir (100); and Sage Mycock (108).

Shot put: Emily Menzel (100); Robyn Payette (108); and Abby Foote (108).

Long jump: Popadinac and Mycock tied; Loft; and Jordyn Karl.

Triple jump: Geerts; Popadinac; and Mycock.


11-year-old boys

100 m: Noah Dykstra (108); Dylan Kelsey (FG); and Devin Giroux and Ryan Grant (108) tied.

200 m: Dykstra; D. Giroux; and Kelsey.

800 m: Jordan Sass (100); D. Giroux; and Kelsey.

High jump: Conner Giroux (100); Dykstra; and Owen Gilbert (HL).

Shot put: Tristan Warner (100); Quinay Archie (EAMS); and D. Giroux.

Long jump: D. Giroux; Spence Geisbrecht (100); and Brodi Cuthbert-Lundquist (108).

Triple jump: D. Giroux; Dykstra; and Cuthbert-Lundquist.


12-year-old girls

100 m: Sienna Monical; Madeline Martin (HL); and Hannah Lindner (100).

200 m: Martin; Monical; and Addie Cleave (100).

800 m: Martin; Valeria Pineda (100); and Maria Betuzzi (108).

High jump: Martin; Monical; and Marina Guimond (100).

Shot put: Monical; Alaynah Burmeester (HL); and Lindner.

Long jump: Monical; Lindner; and Martin.

Triple jump: Betuzzi; Pineda; and Guimond.


12-year-old boys

100 m: Cameron Ardiel; Hayden Sass (100); and Dylan Carr (108).

200 m: Ardiel; Wylon Hall (100); and Sass.

800 m: Hall; Sass; and Julian Bob (EAMS).

High jump: Ardiel; Carr; and Ryan Allan (HL).

Shot put: Sass; Bob; and Brayden Glen (108).

Long jump: Ardiel; Carr; and Hall.

Triple jump: Ardiel; Carr; and Tanner Hooper (HL).

13-year-old girls

100 m: Lydia Kinasewich and Olivia Poggenpohl (108) tied; Courtney Cave (100); and Sydney Poggenpohl (108).

200 m: Kinasewich; O. Poggenpohl; and Cave.

800 m: O. Poggenpohl; Kinasewich; and Rachel Cross (100).

High jump: Taiya Young (108); Ocea Gunn (HL); and Lauren McLean (100).

Shot put: McLean; Moriah Zallo (HL); and Ashley Holyk (100).

Long jump: Holyk; Young; and Kinasewich.

Triple jump: Heather Heales (BC); Holyk; and Young.


13-year-old boys

100 m: Mason Sanders (HL); Dylan McNeil; and Noah Peever (100).

200 m: McNeil; Hunter Swalwell (100) and Curtis Green (HL).

800 m: Reid Collinson (100); Ryan Sullivan (100); and Logan Parent (HL).

High jump: Peever; McNeil; and Dylan Williamson (HL).

Shot put: Sullivan; Williamson; and Stephan Jenson (HL).

Long jump: Williamson; McNeil; and Ritchie Christow (100).

Triple jump: McNeil; Williamson; and Trevor McMahon (100).


14-year-old girls

100 m: Brooke Huggins (LLH), third.

Long jump: Huggins, first.




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