Lachlan Vallee practices catching a high ball. Brendan Kyle Jure photo.

Lachlan Vallee practices catching a high ball. Brendan Kyle Jure photo.

Softball orientation stikes success with players

Kids from 100 Mile House and District met their coaches and teammates for the season

Kids from 100 Mile House and the district hit it out of the park on April 30 during the first day of the 100 Mile House Minor Softball Association’s season.

“It was a little chaotic at first but it went really well, it was a really good turnout,” said Pat Findlay, the president of the association.

Findlay said he estimates that roughly 60 kids who showed up split into six teams (four on the top field, two on the bottom) depending on their age. The remaining 40 or so enrolled ballplayers had their orientation on May 1.

Most of the night was orientation-detailed, with coaches helping the younger and new players learn how to play and a refresh on how to play ball for the more experienced.

“It was just to introduce the kids to the coaches and start teaching the young kids basic softball skills, like throwing and catching, and for the older kids, it was just a reorientation and reteaching of existing skills,” Findlay said.

The president said he talked to every coach last night and was impressed with how they were doing. According to Findlay, keeping the attention of young kids, particularly in the Under 6 and 8, is hard but every coach had the kids listening, smiling and enjoying themselves.

“They [coaches] did a really good job and I’m really happy to see that,” said Findlay.

With the good weather and with what he saw from coaches and players alike, said that while it is too early to really tell the enthusiasm makes it look like it will be a great season.

Parents can still enrol their kids during the first couple weeks of the season as the association is hoping to accommodate as many kids as they possibly can. Registration can be completed by showing up to practices or games or by calling 250-395-6027.

Findlay and the association are also still looking for parents to volunteer to assist in coaching and can be contacted through the same number above.

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