Smash, Bash and Crash to pass

The annual Crash to Pass made a huge impact on the crowd this Billy Barker Days.

In a cloud of tire smoke and black exhaust, the Batmobile was the last car standing at Thursday’s Crash To Pass.

After all the heats, and the main event, cars littered the track and the rim of grass that surrounds it. In the quiet of the slowly drifting cloud of tire (and who knows what else) smoke Kyle Syverston received the trophy for first, after removing a tire from its rim in a long smokey donut. After that, the celebration started.

Dusty Mack, despite a hardy car and every attempt to keep running, was the second to last car to die, before him, Cory Loomis watched his car and dream of winning, shamble to a stop.

But before these metal behemoths collapsed under their own weight, around the track skidded 23 cars in the main event, two were smashed to uselessness before the main event began.

Kyle Syverston, despite not making it beyond the last five, was one of two crowd favourites. Not even a missing wheel and smoking engine could stop Syverston for long. By the end of the race he was moving in fits and starts, revving to keep the front and the bare disk brake up off the ground and burning rubber and what was left of his transmission everytime he needed to start again from a start.

Shave Vandenburg was the other crowd favorite in his 7up car with long smokey burnouts, and donuts both, intentional and unintentional, that had the crowd on their feet.

Travis Gagnon, in the psychedelic number 14 car took best showing.

The next race is Aug. 18, fan appreciation day and food bank drive. Bring a non-perishable food item and get in free.

Quesnel Cariboo Observer