Results and game summaries from Summerland league action.


Summerland Curling Club

Results: Jan. 20 to 24

Monday morning senior men: Doug Steinke defeated Bob Ezart, Stan Green defeated Paul Cowen, Hector Cartier defeated  Lionel Coleman.

Monday evening men: Stan Green tied Rick Drewnisz, Brian Hodgson defeated  Mike Lemke, Dale Abrey defeated Gary Raymond, Ken Rae defeated Steve Clement.

Tuesday morning mixed: Bob Ezart defeated Bill Penman, Ev Gillespie defeated Barb Ezart , Bill Moffat defeated Hector Cartier, Jerry Lidin defeated Jim Hunt.

Tuesday evening ladies: Lil Blashko defeated Harlene Knorr , Judy Beck defeated Betty Raymond , Diana Leitch  defeated Gail Ostaficiuk, Bev Skinner defeated Wendi Archer.

Wednesday morning senior men: Lionel Coleman defeated Doug Steinke, Doug Cade defeated Bob Ezart, Paul Cowen defeated Hector Cartier.

Wednesday evening men: Eric Cooper defeated  Ken Rae, Rick Drewnisz defeated Bob Walker, Gary Wingerak tied  Louie Costa, Dave Tether defeated Gary Raymond.

Wednesday late evening: Glen Brennan defeated Dave Gartrell.

Thursday morning ladies: Bev Skinner tied  RoseMarie Fenrich, Diane Krancenblum defeated  Diana Leitch, Virginia Cundliffe defeated Ev Gillespie.

Thursday evening open: Clem Beaulac defeated Jerad St. John, John Egyed defeated  Dale Abrey, Eric Johnson defeated Doug Patan, Russ Lemke defeated Ken Rae.

Thursday late evening: Glen Brennan defeated  Tony Blashko.

Friday evening mixed: Bob Wareham defeated Val Utigard, Steve Favel defeated Louie Costa, Bonnie Young tied  Sue Woods.

Friday late evening mixed: Blair Stuckey defeated Gavin Griffiths, Dan Laktin defeated  Allen Tower, Ian Rogers tied Dave Hood, Patty Eldridge defeated Tracy Waddington

The Summerland Curling club is hosting the B.C. Police Provincials Feb. 8 to 10. First game starts Saturday at 10 a.m. with two games a day except Monday. The eight teams are Dave Williams (Chase), Dale Hockley (third, Glen Brennan Chilliwack), Peter Koutsoumbos (Vancouver), Chris Cottrill (Penticton), Sean Mcgowan (Vancouver),  Dick Sather (Vancouver), Terry Jacklin (Kelowna) and  Keith Hildebrand (Prince George).

Come cheer on Glen Brennan.

Tip of the week: Behind the tee line at the far end only one player from each team is allowed to sweep a stone.


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