League standings and sports results from Summerland sports leagues.


Summerland Golf and Country Club

Results: Oct. 2

Summerland Golf and Country Ladies Club held the annual turkey shoot. This is a low net contest in which the overall low net wins a turkey. The overall winner was Monique Sadler.

Other winners are:

First flight: first, Carol Muilligan; second, Doris Tower.

Second flight; first, Ev Crane; second, Anka Manders.

Third flight: first, Janis Goll; second, Norma Chambers.

KPs Hole number 4:  0 – 22 handicap Doris Tower; 23 -29 handicap Julie Macaulay; 30 + handicap Janis Goll.




Sumac Ridge Golf Club senior men

Results: Sept. 4.

Low gross: Gerry Bryant, 35.

Low net: Maurice Wood, 30.

Birds: Bob Webb.

Closest to pin: Dave Compton.




Results: Sept. 12.

Low gross: Maurice Wood, 36.

Low net: Luther Krepstekies, 28; Bob Smyth, 28.

Closest to pin: Bob Smyth.



Results: Sept. 19

Low gross: Gerry Bryant, 34.

Low net: Les Allen, 28.

Birds, Gerry Bryant, 2; Les Allen, 1; Cliff Ingram, 1.

Longest putt: Bob Smyth.

Sumac Ridge Golf Club senior men




Results: Sept. 26

Senior Men

Low gross, Gerry Bryant, 38;

Low net, Art Zilke, 31;

Birds, Gerry Bryant, 1;

Closest to pin, Gerry Bryant, 1;




Results: Oct. 3

Low gross, Maurice Wood, 36;

Low net, Clifford Ingram, 30;


Closest to pin, Maurice Wood, 1.



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