Saturday Night Fever in July for Ladies’ Night Golf at Chinook Cove

By Leslie Stirling

  • Jun. 26, 2020 12:00 a.m.

By Leslie Stirling

Never mind isolation and social distancing….I was about ready to start building the Ark on Tuesday, June 16. The sky was dark…I mean really dark… as I headed out to the course and I could see the rain in the distance. Would we be fortunate and dodge the rain as we had on the last two ladies nights? We were close, very close, and arrived back at the clubhouse dry. But the last few groups of golfers got hit by a magnificent downpour and arrived at the finish looking a bit like drowned rats. Some were braver than others and hung in to finish their round but a few of them posted DNF instead of scores. For those wonderers out there, DNF stands for Did Not Finish. Fortunately we were all under cover on the patio for supper and I sang softly to myself “Count your blessings”.

Kelly McNabney scored two birdies so she split the Birdie Pot with herself. I hope I divided it properly when I gave it to her. The deuce pot continues to grow and I continue to be hopeful each time I hit my drive on the par threes.

Stamer Logging sponsored Flight 1 gross and net. Kelly McNabney scored a 40 to win low gross while Susan Newberry scored a 51/39 to win low net. Susan Bondar won low gross for Flight 2 with a 49 and Jeannie Webber (one of those drowned rats) won low net with a 53/35.5. In Flight 3 Trish Thompson picked up low gross with a 54 and Evelyn Lucas took the low net with a 56/36.5. Low gross for Flight 4 was Rose Seymour with a 59 and Betty Foote was second low gross with a 62.

We discussed our upcoming fun night to be held on July 28. It will be a four lady scramble with a shot gun start but we are still working on the timing. Of course, we will be limited with the number that can play so if you know you are wanting to take part be sure to book your team right away. Deb and I decided that we were all tired of talking and thinking Covid fever so our theme is going to be Saturday Night Fever. Get the wings of heaven on your shoes, practice your dancing, and you can’t lose.

I seem to have chatted on a lot so I will just say that the following ladies won prizes: Kelly McNabney (3), Trudy Forsythe, Doreen Landry (3), Lisa Galanov (2), Donna Salle (3), Marian Wallace (2), Carol Willox, Anita Hill (2), Jeannie Webber, Brenda Carl, Betty Foote and Susan Bondar. You can guess what they did, what they won and who sponsored the prize.

Deb Rainer and I discovered that there were some inequalities with the handicaps and some of us were more handicapped than others. Long story, totally confusing, don’t ask. We will be working on rectifying things but hope that the ladies will be patient with us in the meantime.

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