RIP ladies golf season

Golfers play Tombstone event, look to beat personal handicaps

The 108 Golf Resort might have been mistaken for a cemetery on Sept. 28.

The 108 Ladies Club held its annual “Tombstone” event to mark the end of the season, placing an RIP marker where they take their last stroke based on individual handicaps.

Adding to the somber theme, the wine challenge was “black it out”, which saw everything black: golf balls, veils, eyes and clothes.

“It’s been a fun year,” says club member Sharon Thompson. “[We] had wonderful weather to boot. It doesn’t get much better than that to finish off the season.”

Of the 24 golfers on the course for the nine-hole round, Lorraine McCaffrey finished best, followed by Char Wahnschaff, Carol Ohlund, Leslie Bell, Shannon Knapp, Lavern Martin, Lori Henderson, Shirley Boyson, Millie Halcro and Janet Roux.

Ohlund made the only birdie of the round.

Long putts and drives were also recorded.

Wahnschaff dropped the longest putt in the first flight, while Bell did it in the second flight and Corinne French made one longest in the third.

Judy Scarrow knocked the longest drive off the tee in the first flight. Ann Pinkney hit furthest in the second flight, and French went long in the third.


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