Layton and Louise Smith each won gold, while Jarratt and Becca Nazaruk each won silver at the Vanderhoof indoor 3D shoot hosted be the Nechako Valley Archers Jan. 18-19. (File photo)

Quesnel archers hit the bulls’-eye

Four Quesnel archers won medals at Vanderhoof's indoor 3D shoot Jan. 18-19

  • Jan. 25, 2020 12:00 a.m.

The four archers representing Quesnel at a recent shoot in Vanderhoof all came home with medals.

Layton Smith won gold at the indoor 3D shoot Jan. 18-19 in Vanderhoof, while Jarratt Nazaruk won silver in the master men’s compound unlimited event.

Louise Smith won gold, while Becca Nazaruk won silver in the ladies compound fixed pin event.

The event, which was hosted be the Nechako Valley Archers, saw 64 shooters from around the region come together to compete in the two-day shoot. Although the riding arena in which the event was held was very cold, adding a degree of difficulty for the archers, it didn’t lower any spirits.

“The shoot was great; there were some really challenging shots,” said Becca Nazaruk, adding, “The setup was awesome. We had one station where you had to sit on a barrel to shoot and another one where they had a wooden castle, and you had to shoot through the windows.”

The four medal-winning archers are all members of the Quesnel River Archers Club, which Nazaruk and her fellow archers are proud to represent.

“I think it’s awesome that each Quesnel archer came home with a medal; it’s a testament to our dedication to our sport. Practice makes perfect,” said Nazaruk, who believes competing in events like these is not only good for individuals to test their skills, but also to support the archery community on the whole.

Up next for the Quesnel River Archers and many other athletes from the region will be the Gold Pan 1200 coming up Jan. 25 and 26 in Quesnel, followed by the club’s own indoor 3D shoot Feb. 29-30.

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