Quensnel Forestry Hockey League: Week 20 highlights

Quensnel Forestry Hockey League: Week 20 highlights

Serenity catches Bear napping and Fraser is relentless versus BCS

  • Feb. 25, 2019 12:00 a.m.

The Clash of the Titans battling for the FHL version of Mount Olympus residency turned out to be a titanic disappointment as the Builders got lucky early and rode that wave to a 7-1 victory.

The two squads were littered with members of the winning fun-league tournament team and it was Chris “Crown” Royle with his first of two who opened up the scoring for the Green Giants.

The TSN turning point came after the Bear Boys missed a wide-open net which allowed the flood gates to open for Serenity.

Finally snapping an inconceivable scoring drought was “The Mighty” Quinn Miller who scored a pair of beauties that sandwiched a shorthanded singleton by Cam “Shaft” Graham.

“Shafts” tally came with Steve “Paperback” Dodge hanging his head in the sinbin after snapping a Bear shaft like a twig at the end of the first half.

A gorgeous deflection by Shelby “Cobra” Ballantyne, who also had a minor penalty and two helpers, was soon followed by a redemption marker by “Paperback” who despite unleashing a shot weaker than a Vegas highball found the back of the net.

The only Bear skater who was able to solve the Serenity riddle was Kris “Haymaker” Hayman who spoiled “Jumping” Josh Salmons shutout attempt on a screened shot.

Ironically the other contest, on the day before the 90th anniversary of the St. Valentine’s Day massacre, had almost as much carnage as the Chevy Crew took no mercy in the 11-4 slaughter.

The main hitmen for the boys in blue were Ian “Iceman” Hannah and Levon “Babyface” Johnson who combined for a ridiculous 14 points that included seven goals and seven assists.

Getting in on the act were “Dapper” Derek Kitamura, Randy “Killer” Crofts and Jason “Jiggs” Johnson who all scored singletons as Fouad “Frankie” Obeid notched his first FHL marker to go with a pair of helpers.

Adding insult to injury, the already short-staffed BCS side lost their top two D-men which allowed Fraser River to run rampant as the game progressed.

Not going down easily were Brian “The Dominator” Domeris and Rob “Sparky” Courturier who both found the twine and Kevin “Baywatch” Hesslegrave scored a couple of unassisted markers amidst the rubble.

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