Parksville’s Billy Buhler will take part in the Canadian Powerlifting Championships in Ottawa, March 4-9. (Michael Briones photo)

Parksville’s Billy Buhler will take part in the Canadian Powerlifting Championships in Ottawa, March 4-9. (Michael Briones photo)

Parksville powerlifter pumped for nationals

Billy Buhler says top-4 finish is his goal

Billy Buhler has been carrying a lot on his shoulders lately.

The 20-year-old Parksville athlete has been focused on getting in shape for the Canadian Powerlifting Championships in Ottawa on March 4-9.

It will be his second trip to the nationals, having competed last year in the junior division. It was an eye-opener for Buhler, who said he performed to his expectations. He had good scores in the squat, bench press and deadlift.

“It was my first year to compete as a junior and it was a good day for me,” said Buhler. “It was just the competion was a lot stronger than I was.”

Buhler said he has used his past result as a motivating tool for nationals this year. He has upped his training to a point where he feels he can achieve a place high up in the standings.

“I feel stronger,” said Buhler. “This time I want a total of around 700 kilos which I think will put me in a good spot, in the top four, which is my goal. I need to be consistent. I someone misses a lift, it gives me a good chance to make it to the podium.”

Aside from competing as in the raw powerlifting events, Buhler has added another load to his national quest. He is going to compete in the more technical equipped powerlifting, where lifters will wear a squat suit, knee wraps, a bench shirt and deadlift suit.

“I am going to be competing in the equipped powerlifting event on the same day after the raw powerlifting competition,” said Buhler. “I am competing twice in a day which is very uncommon. Not many people do it but I want to be uncommon.”

Competing in equipped allows lifters to carry more weight than they would be able than raw powerlifting said Buhler but it requires precision.

“There is no room for error,” said Buhler. “A good analogy for it is Formula One versus drag racing. Power lifting or classic lifting is more like drag racing which is pedal to the metal. Equipped lifting is like Formula One. It’s very calculated precise turns and very, very small margin for error.”

Buhler trains at Bodyworks Fitness and has received helped from its proprietor Dale Nagra, who is also a powerlifting trainer. He wants to thank Bodyworkds Fitness, Paramount Recreation, the Rotary Club, his family and friends especially his mom and coach Avi Silverberg in helping him pursue excellence in powerlifting.

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