Monday night Men’s Tenpin weekly wrap

Feb. 11, week 22 of 32

  • Feb. 14, 2019 12:00 a.m.
Monday night Men's Tenpin weekly wrap

Feb. 11, week 22 of 32

New Kids moved into 1st place for 3rd Quarter with a 1.5 point lead over DaBears

Team scratch game for this week was DaBears with 849 and also scratch series with 2412

Team hdcp game was Storri Creek Golfers with 965 and New Kids had hdcp series with 2747

Individual scratch game was Ethan Belanko with 252 and Wayne Bezaire had scratch series with 670

Individual hdcp game of 285 and series of 751 BOTH went to Ethan Belanko.

Most pins over average this also went to Ethan with +91. Awesome night Ethan!!!

Honorable mention for this week to Don Stormo with CTF award for a +50 over average game of 212

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