Alex White qualified for nationals. (Ken Chow photo).

Maple Ridge climbers peak at provincials

Teagan Donnelly wins division at indoor bouldering B.C.s

  • Feb. 10, 2018 12:00 a.m.

Teagan Donnelly of The Rockwall in Maple Ridge won her division at the indoor bouldering provincials, while a group from the local climbing team is going to nationals.

Donnelly, 10, won the Youth D category at the provincials, held at the end of January at the Hive Bouldering gym in North Vancouver. The provincials welcomed climbers ages eight and older from around the province. The top climbers advanced to the nationals in Quebec City, Feb. 17-19.

“Throughout this competition season, Teagan [Donnelly] has worked hard to improve her skills and strength, and in the process, has gained confidence on the wall. Her hard work paid off at provincials, where she not only made the final round, but managed to cruise to the top of one of the hardest climbs in the finals on her first try,” said Lynn Hennessey, a parent with the team.

The bouldering season is now over for Donnelly, who is too young to attend the national, but she will switch to shift her focus to other competition disciplines (rope and speed climbing).

A group from the Rockwall team will compete at nationals; Alex White, Will Antle, Hannah Lee, Hannah Fraser, Lauren Larbalestier, Mina Edwards, Christy Spurrell and Jaylene Pratt.

Many climbers on the Rockwall team competed at provincials. The climbs challenged the athletes’ abilities to complete the routes under the pressure of time and independently without being able to discuss strategy with their coaches and fellow climbers. The formats at provincial level prepare climbers for the style of competition at national, world and Olympic levels.

Full Rockwall team results:

Youth D (11 and under) female:

• Teagan Donnelly – 1st

• Avery MacDonald – 8th

Youth C (ages 12/13) female:

• Mina Edwards – 6th

• Emma Berube – 17th

Youth C (12/13) male:

• Scotty White – 17th

Youth B (14/15) female:

• Meghan White – 11th

• Hannah Fraser – 12th

• Paige Lofthaug – 14th

• Piper Ross – 15th

• Amanda Deakin – 18th

• Lauren Larbalestier – 19th

Youth B (14/15) male:

• Logan Geisler – 12th

Youth A (16/17) female:

• Hannah Lee – 9th

• Sydney Hennessey – 13th

Youth A (16/17) male:

• Alex White – 6th

• Will Antle – 7th

Junior (18/19) female:

• Teyha Rogers – 6th

Junior (18/19) male:

• Jakob Plamondon – 7th

Open female:

• Jaylene Pratt – 20th

• Teyha Rogers – 24th

• Christy Spurrell – 26th

• Hannah Lee – 28th

• Sydney Hennessey – 33rd

Open male:

• Alex White – 28th

• Will Antle – 29th

• Jakob Plamondon – 29th

Recreational female:

• Abi Leiding – 10th

Experienced female:

• Elise Muller – 3rd

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