Langley is home to a wide range of outstanding athletes, ranging from cycling champion Svein Tuft to MMA fighter Tristan Connelly and figure skating legend Karen Magnussen (files)

Making a list of Langley’s outstanding athletes

Website organizer is looking for suggestions

A website to recognize outstanding athletes who have a Langley connection is in the works.

Langley Events Centre communications manager Gary Ahuja said when it goes online, likely this fall, the website will tell the stories of remarkable competitors, “anyone who was born here, lived here, competed here, or played for a Langley-based team.”

“It’s really a community project that we happen to be leading,” Ahuja told the Langley Advance Times. “That’s where the LEC comes in. We’ve hosted so many great events.”

It is for players or teams who have won a provincial or national title, won a major award for their sport – from their league, not from their association – or played professionally.

“I think it is long overdue,” Ahuja remarked.

After the first few weeks of assembling names, the project already has 250 people and teams who deserve to be included, and Ahuja expects that number will grow considerably.

He is making a public appeal for suggestions.

That’s the first step, to get the list.”

“We want sports groups to reach out,” said Ahuja.

“We would love to hear from a sports organizations and athletes who think they have athletes and teams that fit the criteria.”

As an example, he cited the horse community.

“How many people do we send to the Olympics every four years?” Ahuja commented.

Langley is home to a wide range of outstanding athletes, ranging from figure skating legend Karen Magnussen, to cycling champion Svein Tuft and MMA fighter Tristan Connelly.

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Who do you think should be on the list?

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