Live the aquatic life this summer

Live the aquatic life this summer

Live the aquatic life this summer and become a lifeguard.

Live the aquatic life this summer and become a lifeguard.

Imagine a job where you work outside, have fun, are a part of a team that makes a difference in the community, and where you earn a good wage.

This may sound like it’s too good to be true, but it’s not.

The Town of Golden is looking for enthusiastic, amazing people to join our team at the Golden Swimming Pool as lifeguards.

We are looking for people with all levels of experience. If you have lifeguard certifications that are current you can apply now.

“The Golden Swimming Pool is such a fun place to work,” says recreation services coordinator Kim Bryan.

“Yes, we work hard for our community, but it is one of the most rewarding job experiences you might ever have. We save lives. We teach others to save lives. We don’t work in cubicles, we work outside with people who want to have fun and be healthier. The hard work guards put in directly impacts the people we interact with every day. If that’s not the best job in town, I don’t know what is.”

If this sounds like your dream job, then we want to hear from you. If your lifeguard certifications are expired, think about recertifying. Lifeguarding can pave the way for many career opportunities and getting recertified is usually very simple to do.

“No matter what happens down the road your tickets can get you a job at basically any pool across Canada, says Bryan. “Pools are always looking for lifeguards.”

If you have some but not all of the necessary certifications listed on our website, we still encourage you to contact us.

We do consider applicants who are in the process of getting certified.

“Experience in lifeguarding provides a huge opportunity advance yourself in the job market,” says Bryan. “Job skills learned as a lifeguard/swim instructor apply to many sectors. You learn and practice valuable skills that you can take to any job you choose.”

Working at the Golden Swimming Pool is fun and exciting.

You can view the current job postings by visiting and clicking “Apply For” on the home page.

“There are many large corporations who actually put resumes to the top of the pile if they are lifeguards because they recognize the value in our training.” says Brooke Cherfils, education director of the Lifesaving Society – BC and Yukon branch.

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