The first round of the Kootenay Savings Super League playoffs got under way last week, with “7” proving to be the lucky number on the night. (Trail Times file photo)

Kootenay Savings Super League playoffs underway

Action continues tonight at the Trail Curling Club

  • Feb. 13, 2020 12:00 a.m.

The first round of the Kootenay Savings Super League playoffs got under way last week, with “7” proving to be the lucky number on the night.

Team Darrin Albo started quickly against Team Ken Fines, stealing the first three ends for a 4-0 lead, when Skip Fines usual draw weight touch eluded him.

Skip Fines rebounded with a nice come around tap, followed by a draw to the four-foot for a field goal in the 4th. Team Albo had a chance for two in the 5th, but Skip Albo’s last rock crashed on a guard, settling for the single point. Team Fines tied the game with an open hit for two in the 6th, and were looking to force Albo to one in the 7th, but after Skip Fines last rock hit, rolled out, Skip Albo executed a perfect split at the top on the house for two, then played a perfect 8th end, running Team Fines out of rocks for the 7-5 win.

Team McKenzie ReMax, skipped by Deane Horning, started with a deuce in the 1st against Team Nathan Small, set-up by 3rd Sue McKenzie’s perfect hit n roll behind cover. Team Small split the house early, leading to a deuce of their own in the 2nd, then stole a single in the 3rd when Skip Hornings last rock hack weight hit hung wide.

Team ReMax blanked the 4th, then after Hornings perfect in-off, regained the lead with two in the 5th, and a steal of one in the 6th. Team Small tied the game with two in the 7th, but couldn’t get anything buried in the 8th, and after Skip Small’s last rock draw lid too far, sealing a 7-5 Team ReMax win.

Team Desiree Borsato seemed to be facing an uphill battle all game against Team Brian Lemoel. Team Lemoel grabbed hammer and started with a deuce in the 1st, then stole one in the 2nd when Borsato’s last rock draw went too far. Team Borsato were facing 5 opposition stones before Skip Des made an incredible game saving raise tap to the button for one in the 3rd.

The roles were reversed in the 4th, when Skip Lemoel, facing five, calmly drew to the edge of the 4foot for a single. Team Borsato had to settle for a single in the 5th when her last rock draw hung straight and ticked a guard. Team Lemoel pulled away with a deuce in 6, then stole the 7th for a handshaking 7-2 win.

Both Team Nando Salviulo and Team Les Lepine utilized their hammer advantage to score deuces in the early ends with Lepine up 4-2 after 3. Team Salviulo blanked the 4th, and were looking to tie the game in the 5th, when Skip Nando’s delicate last rock come around tap for two, just creased the guard, for a Lepine steal of one. Team Salviulo scored one in the 6th, but couldn’t get any closer, with Team Lepine putting up a deuce in the 7th, then ran Team Salviulo out of rocks in the 8th, preserving a 7-3 Team Lepine win.

The winners advance on the A side along with Teams Myron Nichol and Bill van Yzerloo, who had the 1st round bye, while the losers drop to the B event.

The Kootenay Savings Super League playoffs continue tonight in the Trail Curling Club at 7 p.m.

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