The annual draft horse pull played to full stands at the Fall Fair. Tom Best photo

Heavy horse pull always popular

This year's BV Exhibition had a rodeo that entertained all those who filled the stands.

This year’s BV Exhibition had a rodeo that entertained all those who filled the stands, especially the two very exciting events on Sunday.

While the bull riding may have been the event most might have anticipated, the draft horse pull which preceded it was no less exciting.

According to Jan McClary of the BV Exhibition, they were more than pleased to have full stands on Sunday. “This was probably because of the four day format. The Sunday events were like a double header. The horse pull rolling into the bull riding seemed to be very popular and it was a success,” she said.

Watching the horses and teamsters alike as they prepared to pull the concrete slab loaded sledge, one could see that all involved were excited and ready to give their best effort in pulling incredible loads a prescribed distance.

“The horses enjoy what they do. Most of our teamsters are old guys. There are a couple of young fellows. All of these horses have chores at home. Most of them pull wagons. They have a job. You can’t just pull a horse out of the field for these events. They have to be fit,” explained McClary.

The competition is fairly simple. After pulls that count, more weights are added to the sled and all teams that made the first pull get another chance.

Teams which cannot pull the sledge the rquired distance are eliminated.

More rounds are conducted until the horses cannot pull any more weight.

In the final round, pulls which do not go the entire distance are measured and this distance is used to determine final placement.

The team’s weight compared to the weight of the load is a consideration in placement as well.

There are strict rules in the sport to ensure safety of the animals.

Winning the 2018 event were Ben Rodt’s team of Randi and Doc.

In second was Brian Semeschuk with Bullit and Becket.

Coming in third were the Keith Wruth team of Duke and Garth.

Unlike the draft horse pull, there were no old bull riders.

McClary explained that the oldest one had retired last year.

“He was 50 and was too old to be riding bulls. He retired sound which is good. He didn’t get hurt,” she said.

She added that the bull fighters who are an important safety factor, are very good.

“They saved a few cowboys this weekend, which is good,” she said.

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