Smithers golfer Kaleb Gorbahn will be off to play in South Africa in his quest for a professional card after coming up short in a California contest. Contributed photo

Gorbahn takes African route in quest for pro card

Bulkley Valley golf product goes to South Africa in bid to tour pro.

After one competition where most everything seemed to go well, Kaleb Gorbahn had high hopes for the following tournament.

Unfortunately, that one seemed like there was not too much that went well and his goal of getting a card to compete at the professional level is on hold.

For the first competition in Dayton Nevada, he was able to sleep in his own bed and his game came together for a second-place finish that left him in a positive frame of mind as he headed to Marietta, California and an opportunity to place well enough to be able to achieve his sought-after professional card.

No such luck.

“The parts of my game that I usually do well in were not coming together,” he said.

In particular his long drives were not on target and the par three holes became a challenge.

“When stuff like that happens, I get down on myself,” he said. “I know I shouldn’t so I was not thinking the right way while I was playing. That’s the way it goes sometimes and you just have to move on.”

Following that result, Gorbahn said he has set his eyes on additional opportunities.

“Next will be South Africa and I’m looking forward to that,” he said.

He noted that he has not been to European or African courses to date but felt he was in good form to try.

“That will be a long trip with a lot of travel and then I come back for studies at school,” he said.

He feels that he is in a positive frame of mind for the next competition and that the results in Marietta would not affect him.

“It’s a part of the game that things don’t always go well, I know that I can play with the better players,” he said.

If his bid is unsuccessful in South Africa, he says that he has a back up plan.

“I’ll try again in Canada but that will have to wait until next season,” he said.

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