Golf ball and tee

Golf ball and tee

Golf results

Summerland golfers competed in league action

Summerland Senior Men

On June 28 the Summerland Senior Men’s Club played a gross-net scores event.

Bob Fortune was low gross for the day with a 76 while George Carswell led the field with an eight under par net 64.

Four players shared the deuce pot, Neville Crane, Garth Humphreys, Rick Drewnisz and Bob Fortune.

First flight: First low gross Bob Fortune, 76; first low net Jeff Clarke, 69 cb; second low gross Garth Humphreys, 81; second low net Peter Schnurr, 69; third low gross Dwain Sandrelli, 82; third low net Chuck Harman, 71 cb.

Second flight: First low gross Neville Crane, 87; first low net George Carswell, 64; second low gross Ken Bridgeman, 88; second low net Rick Drewnisz, 69; third low gross Andy Webster, 90; third low net Stew Macaulay, 71.

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