Get ready for the ellusive steelhead

By Tracey Hittel

Get ready for the ellusive steelhead

April and May are great months to chase the elusive steelhead trout.

Many anglers flock from around the globe for this prized sea running rainbow.

Steelhead are easy to identify by their rosy cheeks and aggressive display when hooked up.

Catch and Release is the best practice for Steelhead as they return back to the sea after spawning in the river, unlike salmon, who spawn and then die.

Proper handling of a steelhead is very important and the method of keeping the fish wet when handling, allows the fish to be released carefully and not damaged.

Kitimat River requires a single barbless hook and it is the law.

A bait ban starts May 15, so please read your regulations, or prepare to be fined by conservation officers who frequent the river checking anglers licences.

Proper fishing etiquette is important and be friendly while on the water.

Catching a steelhead on a fly rod is the best challenge for anglers, so try fly fishing.

You will love the life challenge.

Kitimat Northern Sentinel

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