Four local boxers compete at Emerald Gloves

Four local boxers compete at Emerald Gloves

Boys came home with trophies, experience and stories


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2 Rivers Boxing Club sent four boxers and two coaches to the Emerald Gloves, which is a provincial tournament, in Abbotsford, May 6-7.

They represented Quesnel very well, says head coach Wally Doern.

He couldn’t attend the tournament, so coaches Spencer Lee and Shawn Archer helped boxers Olin Lee, Heera Panasar, Jamison Godwin and Rylan Maurice.

Olin, who normally competes in Youth Open (17-18 years), fought an exhibition bout in the Senior Open (19 years and over) class for 154 pounders.

Doern says the local 17-year-old fought a 26-year-old opponent from Maple Ridge.

“He boxed very well and was in complete control throughout the three, three-minute rounds.”

“He’s a stalking type of a boxer, a heavy hitter, very smart and he picks and chooses his openings.”

Lee has been boxing for five years, Doern says, adding he has been a provincial champion three times and has fought at the nationals three times – taking home silver and bronze medals.

Unfortunately, Heera Panasar was over-matched in this Junior C 114-pound bout.

Panasar got tagged with a couple of hard punches in the first round and the referee stopped the contest, Doern explains.

“The referees are there to ensure fighter safety and they just felt Heera’s opponent was too much for him.”

Panasar says he wasn’t expecting to be charged by the other boxer.

“The referee gave me the eight count first, but he charged in again and the referee stopped the fight.”

The 14-year-old says he learned he has to keep his hands up more and needs to learn how to move away from someone charging him.

Noting he’s been boxing for 18 months, Panasar says he’s going to train harder.

“[Boxing] is good. It’s my favourite sport of all time.”

Jamison Godwin fought in the Initiation 90-pound class, and Doern says he did a good job.

The 11-year-old has only been boxing for two months and competes in the Initiation class because it’s for boxers who don’t have very much experience, the coach explains.

“There’s no winner or loser in these bouts. They both get a medal or trophy because we don’t want the fighters to become discouraged.”

He’s a natural athlete, quick and determined to win and do the best that he can. He’s got a lot of potential, Doern notes.

Jamison says his first bout was “exciting and fun.”

“I think I did really well. When I first got in the ring, I looked around and I kinda got scared because I got stage fright and all excited.

“I have to learn to move my head around and slip punches. I think my punches are really hard.”

Rylan Maurice, 8, fought in the Initiation 60-pound class and did a good job, Doern says.

“It was his second match. He fought in Fort St. John last month and made a few mistakes, but he buckled down and did very well in this last match.

Maurice feels he won his fight, and because his opponent was using a lot of jabs, he decided to throw more jabs himself.

“I like boxing because it’s more hands on. I’ll be fighting the same person here in June, but now I know how he fights.”

2 Rivers Boxing Club is hosting Rumble 23 and he is expecting boxers from all over British Columbia and parts of Alberta to attend.

“I’m anticipating we’ll have 12 to 15 matches. It will be our last one until the fall.”

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