Martin Stillas scored two goals for Forest Grove Legion during their 8-3 loss to Ashcroft on Nov. 4. Brendan Kyle Jure photo.

Forest Grove suffer loss to Ashcroft but remain upbeat

'We're having a good season so far'

The Forest Grove bantam team lost their fifth game this season to Ashcroft to a score of 8-3 at the South Cariboo Recreation Centre on Nov. 4.

“We were definitely tired on the ice,” said assistant captain Mikayla Glen. “We weren’t hustling as we usually do.”

Despite being 0-5 this season, everyone remains optimistic they can turn it around in the remaining 16 games. Manager Margie Lobsiger has faith in coaching duo, Justin Guimond and David Tisset.

“Justin and Dave are phenomenal coaches,” she said. “We’re having a good season so far.”

Guimond pointed out Martin Stillas has being a key player for the young Forest Grove side. Stillas came close to scoring a hat-trick but settled for a brace, while Julian Zucchelli added the other tally.

“He was our captain today, he put on a good show,” said Guimond of Stillas. “Julian Zucchelli always performs really well too.”

One thing Guimond and Tisset would like to work on with the players, is positioning.

“They all worked pretty hard, still got to work on positioning and they all put in a good effort,” said Guimond, suggesting the athletes are improving.

According to Lobsiger, most of the team is made of first-year bantams mixed up with a few from last year. The second-year bantams are in a mentoring role, helping their younger counterparts adjust.

“I think everyone is on a learning curve right now,” said Lobsiger.

“It’s just learning to work together.”

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