Figure skaters medal for Glengarry Club

Isabelle Tuckwood and Cloe Robert land medals in Surrey Super Series event

Four medals were won by Glenngarry Skating Club figure skaters during the Victoria Day weekend.

Isabelle Tuckwood and Cloe Robert each returned home from the B.C./Yukon Super Series in Surrey with gold medals.

Tuckwood took gold in FreeSkate Star 5 13 and over with a personal best score of 18.05, and picked up silver in gold interpretive, with another personal best performance scoring 45.85.

Robert captured gold in FreeSkate Star 4 13 and over with a personal best performance. She added a bronze medal in the bronze Interpretive scoring 36.29, a personal best.

“She was spot on,” said coach Trevor Buttenham, adding she continued her strong performance following a simulator. “It was nice for her to come away from that knowing she was ready and that it all came together at the same time. She skated really well,” he said.

Buttenham added Tuckwood’s silver in gold interpretive comes in a program she has been working on over the last two years. Buttenham said Tuckwood’s comfort level was noticeable.

“Concentration was on the performance and skating for the audience,” said Buttenham.

With Robert, her performance was the best Buttenham had seen. She made one error, but was able to shake it off to finish strong. Robert impressed with her performance in the Interpretive, which she had only begun working on just over four weeks ago. She told Buttenham she wanted to do it, regardless of the short time frame.

“It was pretty exceptional,” said Buttenham. “You don’t see it often.”

Skaters competing in new levels that did well were Samantha Mancally in Juvenile Women under-12, Nadia Snyman in Star 9 and 10, Saki Smith of the Summerland Skating Club (SSC) in Star 10 and Lauren Bitte, also from the SSC in Pre-Juvenile Women under-13.

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Other results from Glengarry skaters are as follows:

Pre-Novice Women Jordana McEachern 14th 62.71 (PB) [21.23 S (PB) + 41.48 F (PB)]

Juvenile Women U12 Samantha Macnally ninth 24.49 (PB)

Pre-Juvenile Women U13 Lauren Bitte (Summerland Skating Club) seventh 19.90 (PB)

Gold Women Meagan Pankratz fifth 21.24

Star 10 Women Saki Smith (SSC) fourth 26.36 (PB)

Nadia Snyman fifth 26.00 (PB)

Star 9 Women Snyman fifth 23.36 (PB)

Meagan Pankratz 10th 20.83 (PB)

Keara Anutooshkin sixth 14.00 (PB)

Jocelyn Erdt (SSC) ninth 13.43

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