Fast-paced action at district track meet

Students show athleticism

Elementary students from around the South Cariboo jumped into action at the south end’s district track meet on June 8.

Students aged 10-14 competed in nine different track and field events at the 100 Mile House Elementary School field.

The top two students from each event from the individual schools were able to compete against other students from around the district.

“I think that it is great for several reasons,” says organizer and 100 Mile Elementary vice-principal Shawn Nelson.

“There are kids who compete more at athletics than they compete at academics so this is a great place for kids who don’t normally shine, to shine.

“It’s an awesome opportunity for kids in the upper grades to mingle with kids from other schools so when they get to [Peter Skene Ogden Secondary School] they recognize faces and they know people and they are on the same team as teammates. They aren’t competitors anymore.”

Vanessa Betschart, a Grade 6 student at Horse Lake Elementary, swept the 12-year-old girls’ category, winning gold in the 100m dash, the 200m run, long jump, triple jump and high jump, as well as setting a new record in the 100 m dash.

“I love it because I’ve done it all my life,” she says, adding that she enjoys coming to the district event to face the competition.

Michelle Lang, also a Grade 6 student at Horse Lake, says that she enjoys the track meet.

“You get to compete against people and you get to meet new people.”

Lincoln Sutton, a Grade 4 student from Mile 108 Elementary, placed first in the standing broad jump competition, as well as medaled in the long jump and 100 m dash categories.

“I just like exercising and running a lot and having fun with my friends,” he says.

Nelson says that while competition is part of the track meet, it’s not only about winning.

“It’s definitely a day of fun and then participation and then competition,” he says.

100 Mile House Elementary won the Aggregate award for the schools, while Forest Grove Elementary took home the Handicap.




Winners are noted from first to fourth.

10-year-old boys

100 m: Isaac Todd (new record), Max Springman, Lincon Sutton, Wyatt Benard

200 m: Josh Paddison, Ty Kreschuk/Lochlan Grieve, Lincon Sutton

800 m: Ty Kreschuk, Isaac Todd, LachlanTanner, Wil Law

Long Jump: Wil Law, Lincon Sutton, Wyatt Benard, Josh Paddison

Standing Broad Jump: Lincon Sutton, Kolby Heit, Isaac Todd, Sonny Thomas

High Jump: Isaac Todd, Wyatt Benard, Lochlan Grieve, Sam Harvey

Shot Put/Ball Throw: Sam Harvey, Maxi Springman, Logan Dion, Wyatt Benard

10-year-old girls

100 m: Courtney Anderson, Myra Hindmarsh, Alexis Neels, Joelle Kuyek

200 m: Courtney Anderson, Alexis Neels, Aubrey Siclari, Tayler Kelsey

800 m: Joelle Kuyek, Claire Kreschuk, Myra Hindmarsh, Jenilee Schroevers

Long Jump: Alexis Neels, Joelle Kuyek, Myra Hindmarsh, Alexa Ohlund

Standing Broad Jump: Myra Hindmarsh, Alexis Neels, Hayley Stobbart, Emma Theuring

High Jump: Myra Hindmarsh, Ximena Cibrian, Joelle Kuyek, Cocomi Escott

Shot Put/Ball Throw: Emily Burmetoff, Yolanda Turcanu, Emma Theuring, Alexa Ohlund

11-year-old boys

100 m: Trey Pacheco, Hayden Pocha, Lee Koch, Aidan Schmid

200 m: Trey Pacheco (new record), Lee Koch, Hayden Pocha, Mathew Keller

800 m: Ashton Chretien, Mathew Keller, Colin Birtwistle, Felix Pavlik

Long Jump: Hayden Pocha, Trey Pacheco, Xander Flett, Lee Koch

Standing Broad Jump: Trey Pacheco, Hayden Pocha, Gibson Fast, Ryder Arnott

High Jump: Hayden Pocha, Colin Birtwistle, Zephyr Sutherland, Trey Pacheco

Shot Put/Ball Throw: Hayden Pocha, Colin Birtwistle, Zephyr Sutherland/Trey Pacheco

11-year-old girls

100 m: Isabelle Barrick, Sophia Barrick, Payton Edlund, Cora Selle

200 m: Sophia Barrick, Isabelle Barrick, Cora Selle, Payton Edlund

800 m: Cora Selle, Miriah Anderson, Sophia Barrick, Emilee-Grace Stuckel

Long Jump: Isabelle Barrick, Miriah Anderson, Vicki McIntosh, Cora Selle

Standing Broad Jump: Sophia Barrick, Isabelle Barrick, Vicki McIntosh, Payton Edlund

High Jump: Isabelle Barrick, Vicki McIntosh, Makayla Fremlin, Payton Edlund

Shot Put/Ball Throw: Kaitlyn Piccolo, Dakota Brown, Payton Edlund, Emilee-Grace Stuckel

12-year-old boys

100 m: Nelson Swann, Leon Meili, Reichert Sanford, Cameron Scott

200 m: Reichert Sanford, Nelson Swann, Leon Meili, Carson Huryn

800 m: Leon Meili, Braiden Beharrel, Riley Campbell, Hunter Recollet

Long Jump: Nelson Swann, Julian Turcan, Leon Meili, Cameron Scott

Triple Jump: Julian Turcah, Reichert Sanford, Lucas Zucchelli, Cameron Scott

High Jump: Julian Turcah, Cameron Scott, Leon Meili/Reichert Sanford

Shot Put: Carson Huryn, Julian Turcan, Elias Moore, Noah Harvey

12-year-old girls

100 m: Vanessa Betschart (new record), Laney Bob, Mikaela Valcourt, Sarah Balbrinie

200 m: Vanessa Betschart, Mikaela Valcourt, Julia Siclari, Sarah Balbrinie

800 m: Sarah Balbrinie, Michelle Lang, Mikaela Valcourt, Lexus Amut

Long Jump: Vanessa Betschart, Laney Bob, Julia Siclari, Lexus Amut

Triple Jump: Vanessa Betschart, Twila McIntosh, Michelle Lang, Sarah Balbrinie

High Jump: Vanessa Betschart, Laney Bob, Holly Johnson, Twila McIntosh/Lexus Amut

Shot Put: Lily Campbell, Emily Tinney, Angie Dubrovay, Dakota Richard

13-year-old boys

100 m: Kyson Hopson, Jackson Sanders, Anthony Silverton, Bradley Bissat

200 m: Kyson Hopson, Jackson Sanders, Anthony Silverton, Mason Pincott

800 m: Mason Pincott, Noah Geerts, Ryan Vincenz, Logan Worthington

Long Jump: Kyson Hopson, Jackson Sanders, Bryce Widsten, Darian Lobsiger

Triple Jump: Kyson Hopson, Jackson Sanders, Anthony Silverton, Mason Pincott

High Jump: Jackson Sanders, Kyson Hopson, Anthony Silverton/Colin Ross

Shot Put: Brady Huryn, Aidan Moore, Caden Carey

13-year-old girls

100 m: Megan Balbirnie, JoJo Dickson, Kaye-Lyn Taylor, Emma Law

200 m: JoJo Dickson, McKenna Bryce, Dana Quintal, Shayne Sutton

800 m: Amy Jordaan, Vanessa Shearer, Keely Pacheco, Samantha Pelechaty

Long Jump: Vanessa Shearer, Megan Balbrinie, Jadyn Monical, Kaye-Lyn Taylor

Triple Jump: Megan Balbirnie, Jadyn Monical, Kayla Taylor, Hailey Arnott

High Jump: McKenna Bryce, Kayla Taylor, Dana Quintal, Amber Conway

Shot Put: Vanessa Shearer, Makenna Loiselle, McKenna Bryce, Kay-Lyn Taylor

14-year-old boys

100 m: Dylan Wilson

200 m: Dylan Wilson

800 m: (fourth) Joe Fortin

Triple Jump: (fourth) Robby Dubrovay

Shot Put: Robby Dubrovay

14-year-old girls

200 m: Billy Rae

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