AJ Simons misses socializing and playing ball. (Michael Briones photo)

COVID-19: Young people miss their physical activities

'We all have to make the changes right now, so the adjustment is hard but necessary'

You’re told to stay at home and you’re not to socialize in public. These are strict guidelines from Canada’s health authorities that they want the public to adhere to as a way to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

For young people used to being out with friends and playing sports, it can be a challenge.

“It has affected my life in a negative way,” said James Bingham from Coombs. “Everthing’s got a gloomy feel to it with most people staying indoors, stores closing and to top it off, no sports.”

AJ Simons also misses the sporting life.

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“I miss playing basketball with my friends and organized sports,” said Simons. “I also miss seeing my grandparents going to the library to study. I am super sad right now because I can’t do anything.”

Being cooped up at home is also not helping said Simons, as the temptation to binge is a lot stronger.

“I watch TV and eat chips,” said Simons. “I am not a sit home kind of guy. I am very social person so it’s been hard.”

Devon Matheson said coronavirus issue has affected his day-to-day life activities. He had plans to go on a trip to Florida but had to cancel it.

“I have been staying at home and I go for a drive or walk once in a while to get out,” said Matheson “I’m not able to see my grandparents who just flew into town. It’s just an all-around weird time right now. We just have to take it day by day.”

Vancouver Island University student Austin Bell agreed.

“I miss going to university and playing baskeball,” said Bell. “We all have to make the changes right now so the adjustment is hard but necessary. Hopefully this will pass soon.

Bingham said video games are a major part of his schedule these days but he does go out for daily walks within the community and sometimes plays driveway hoops by himself. However, while he’s doing his part to follow the physical distancing protocol, he finds it frustrating to see some people not taking the coronavirus pandemic seriously.

“The sooner people start listening, the sooner things can go back to normal,” said Bingham.


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