Bees get 10-8 win

Killer Bees sting Kal Tire Red Hawks 10-8 in Vernon Mosquito baseball action Thursday night at Lakeview Park.

Maguire Lauridson struck out all six batters he faced in the final innings as the Killer Bees stung the Kal Tire Red Hawks 10-8 in Mosquito baseball action Thursday night at Lakeview Park.

First-time pitcher Jared Nickoli started ofor the Bees, who scored twice in the first on an RBI-single by Marcus Liefke, bringing in Koll Cherkowski, and on a walk and some stolen bases by Chris McIntosh.

Lauridson also knocked down a hard smash and threw to first for an out, while Cole Hutchinson made a sweet infield out. Cherkowski knocked in three runs.

The Red Hawks outlasted the Wayside Giants 10-8 in Mosquito baseball season-opening action Tuesday night.

Ethan Bogardis did a great job on the mound with catcher Chase Batchelor’s vacuum glove supporting the Hawks.

A strong pitching performance by Eric Foufoulas kept the game close early with a nice out at first by Nicholas Walker. Jackson Soucy singled in Bogardis, while Nakoda Parker supplied some solid at bats and stellar base running came from Ryan Gamage, Elijah Nahirny and Tanner Wright.

In the top of the fourth, Cayden Combs went to the mound for a superb showing and a play to first for the out. Anders Poppleton scored in the bottom of the inning and Joe Sapien registered some hard hits. Batchelor and Foufoulas were battery mates in the fifth and were fabulous.

Parker pitched a gem of a sixth, while Gamage’s great positioning allowed him to pick up a grounder and tag the runner going to third while getting the force out at second.

Ryan Vandesande and Shaun Huizinga pitched well for the Wayside crew, while Carter Morris and Jacob Rawlings were hot at the plate.

Vernon Morning Star