Beautiful days in the hills

What wonderful adventures we’ve had in the Larch Hills over the past two weeks.

The Wednesday Wenches pause for a photo at the Larch Hills chalet.

The Wednesday Wenches pause for a photo at the Larch Hills chalet.

What wonderful adventures we’ve had in the Larch Hills over the past two weeks.

With so many kilometres of set track and such wonderful backcountry trails, one cannot but revel in the vast diversity of the ski area.

Last Wednesday, 12 Wenches made their way up Treebeards Trail on powder snow, breaking trail, through the gorgeous forest – the trees laden with snow, some of them so much so that they are bent over with the weight of the snow and look like smurfs.

The experience on backcountry trails is so different to track skiing. The trails in the forest are narrow, with branches frequently brushing against your shoulder and you make your way around downed trees unless you have brought your hand saw with you and they are small enough to deal with.

The mature trees in the Treebeards/Greenway area are huge– very humbling! And on White Pine Walk, which is park and therefore a protected area, there are huge first-growth white pine, fir, hemlock and cedar. So close to home we have access to these ancient giants!

The next day, Jim and I skied up Metford Road from South Canoe. I love that ski!

Metford Road has been track set a couple of times this season so has a solid base. It was snowing on the way up so the views were occluded.

When we reached Lake View we carried on out to Sentinel. Back to the top of Metford Road we were faced with powder snow and sunshine. Terrific ski down. It’s a good workout skiing up Metford Road but the payoff is super.

Then on Saturday we joined the group of 14 heading out on the Four Corners ski adventure.

Under sunny skies we headed up to the northwest corner – the Summit at 1,400 metres. At the Summit we had a 360-degree view of the Monashees, Sun Peaks, Silver Star Mountain, Mt. Crowfoot.

It was a great place to celebrate Pat Shea’s birthday with doughnuts from Tim Hortons.

Down to Cec’s Cabin then over to the new Panorama loop which afforded more views and fresh snow. The next two corners – Town View and Tom’s Shelter – will wait for another day.

Larch Hills Nordic Society membership has just passed 950. It’s a healthy club. Skiers, snowshoers, all benefit from the volunteer work done on the trails, tracksetting, trail making, chalet maintenance and upgrading, on and on.

The LHNS AGM is Tuesday, March 5. If you are interested in serving on the executive of this vibrant club, let someone on the current executive know. The meeting takes place at the SASCU Recreation Centre,  room 1 at 7 p.m.

The Larch Hills race team came home from the BC Championships  a very close second to the host club, Prince George. Congrats to all the athletes and special mention to those who garnered aggregate awards for their stellar showing throughout the BC Cups this season.

Congrats also to the coaches, waxers and parents who as support crew are critical in these successes.

The Pirate Loppet was again a spectacular success. So colourful with all the costumes – adults and kids alike. Sunny, great tracks and well organized. It was a good day for all.

Jim and I are off on a ski adventure in Quebec. Twelve years ago we attended the two-day Canadian Ski Marathon in the Laurentians but the first day was cancelled due to freezing rain. So we’re gunning to complete the two-days this weekend. It’s 80  kilometres per day from Lachute to Montebello, then Montebello to Buckingham. We’re on a veterans’ mixed team of four skiers, all over 60. Should be a blast!

Think snow.


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