BC 3D Archery Championships hit bull's-eye for host Cariboo Archers

BC 3D Archery Championships hit bull’s-eye for host Cariboo Archers

"I think they are the best two courses we've ever put on," said Cariboo Archers president Lee Jackman

Roughly 135 competitors from throughout the province descended on the lakecity during the weekend where the Cariboo Archers hosted the BC 3D Archery Championships for the second straight year.

Prior to the event, volunteers from the Cariboo Archers put in countless hours of work preparing and setting up two courses — an ‘A’ and a ‘B’ course — in the bush near the Williams Lake Sportsmen’s Association Clubhouse off Bond Lake Road for competitors, who shot both each day in multiple divisions and classes, Saturday, June 22 and Sunday, June 23.

Shots were creatively designed, incorporating humour and ingenuity, but also balancing difficulty and technique to challenge archers.

Lee Jackman, president of the Cariboo Archers, said the feedback he received from competitors was great.

“People have been amazed by the courses,” Jackman said, pointing out a shot featuring Smoky the Bear peeing on an unattended campfire, alongside a tent.

“I think they are the best two courses we’ve ever put on, and a lot of work went into it. I spent about two weeks up here on them.”

Adult and youth archers travelled from as far north as Prince Rupert, with many more travelling from the Lower Mainland, Prince George, Quesnel, Kamloops and the Okanagan, for the event.

Jackman noted the weather was great for a two-day shoot — not too hot and just one spat of rain — however, archers needed to rely on their conditioning as they walked both courses, each roughly one kilometre traversing up and down hilly terrain in the forest.

“Conditioning really comes into play,” he said. “By the end of it if you’re not in shape you can really see your shot start to go.”

Jackman didn’t participate in this year’s event in order to help make sure everything ran smoothly for competitors, however, said the response from shooters was the reward.

“I enjoy it a lot,” he said. “I don’t get to shoot but I like to make sure we’re putting on a good event and hearing the feedback it makes it worth it.”

Serious competitors in both youth and adult division, meanwhile, were vying for a spot to represent Team BC in Prince Albert, Sask. for the Canadian Championships during the first weekend in August.

And when the dust settled, many Cariboo Archers represented the lakecity well, with some earning a spot on the BC Team for nationals.

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Local results from the BC 3D Archery Championships are as follows:

PeeWee Ladies: Camilla Hilbert Torres – first

Masters Compound Ladies: Ruth Hendren – third

Masters Compound: Michael Idler – ninth, Al Campsall – first

Junior Compound: Kyle Hubner – first, Cole Schalles – second

Cadet Compound: Ty Thurow – first, Isaac Bedford – second

Cadet Compound Ladies: Brityn Hinsche – second, Kylie Sharman – third, Alexis McComber – fourth

Cub Compound: Ty Waterhouse – first, Elijah Walker – second

Cub Compound Ladies: Joelle Thurow – first

Compound Fixed Pins: Bob Thurow – second

Hunter: Adam Lyons – first, Gavin Laukkanen – second, Mathew Hilbert – fourth

Bare Box Ladies: Melanie McComber – second

Instinctive: Fred Streleoff – first, Dan Mobbs – third

Longbow Ladies: Jessie Mobbs – second, Sharon Allan – third

Masters Traditional: Ernie Schmid – third, Lorne Barron – fourth

Based on their scores at provincials, Cariboo Archers represented on the 12-member Team BC at the Canadian Championships in Saskatchewan will be youth archers and siblings Joelle Thurow and Ty Thurow, and adult competitors Fred Streleoff and Al Campsall — all of whom were named to last year’s team, as well.

Narrowly missing the cut for the BC Team were Dan Mobbs, Jessie Mobbs, Ty Waterhouse and Bob Thurow. Stalwart archer Ernie Schmid was injured and missed the cut, as well.

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Campsall, the 3D representative for the BC Archery Association, said the Cariboo Archers would like to thank all of the volunteers, which are too many to mention, who made the championships run so smoothly.

“It was a real team effort and if we go by some of the comments by participants, it was a huge success,” Campsall said.

“Many mentioned to me that it was the best archery competition that they had ever attended.”

He also gave kudos to Jackman for giving up his legitimate chance to medal for co-ordinating the entire operation.

“That is a sacrifice few are willing to make,” Campsall said.

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