Bag limits and other restriction to be discussed

The Resident Hunters’ Association of British Columbia (RHABC), Region 5,  is bringing Rodger Stewart, Ministry of Forests, Lands & Natural Resource Operations Resource Management director to 100 Mile House.

Stewart will address the hunters associations’ concerns about the Wildlife Management’s Harvest Allocation Policy. This is the policy that decides how the species we hunt are divided between the different interested parties.

This policy is now being reviewed by a committee and this is your chance as hunters to hear in detail how they will be deciding which groups (guides, hunters, etc.) will be allotted what number of moose, etc.

The meeting will be held June 5 at the curling rink on Airport Road at 1:30 p.m. Everyone is welcome.

You don’t need to be a member, says RHABCD member Rolf Pfeiffer, but who knows by the time you leave you might want to be a member.

If, as a hunter, this doesn’t interest you, maybe you might want to come and find out about the NDP private member’s bill, which will restructure the “Fair Chase” wording. You know that this will not be a good thing for hunters.

The ministry rules are restrictive enough without some politician from Maple Ridge making it even tougher, Pfeiffer notes.

“Do you enjoy just a leisurely hunt on your quad sometimes after a long morning walk? Well, if this bill goes through, you won’t be doing that anymore.

“Quite possibly you won’t be going for that quick evening hunt in your truck as that won’t be allowed anymore. Sound far fetched, well it is happening right now as you are reading this.”

It is time to get off our collective butts, Pfeiffer says, adding those who show up set the rules for those who don’t.




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