An odd outing for Glacier Greens ladies

Marie Israel scores two KPs and has the fewest putts




On May 6 the Glacier Greens Ladies Club played a regular game but counted only the odd holes and subtracted half their handicap for awards.

Winners: 1st low gross Ellie Nicholas 40, 2nd low gross Liz van B 43, 1st low net Lorraine Courtemanche 30.5, 2nd low net Wendy Dowe 31.

Marie Israel cleaned up on the KPs on #4 and #12 and also scored the fewest putts at 29.

The Spring Fling is happening next week and it is not too early to jump on the bandwagon for the Glacier Greens Ladies Open on June 14.

Entries received before May 24 will be eligible for the draw to win back your entry fee.


– Glacier Green Ladies Golf



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