Abbotsford golfers shoot aces on same hole in same group

Local golfers Blake Olson and Randy Morford shoot hole-in-ones at Ledgeview on same hole

A pair of Abbotsford golfers overcame massive odds to achieve a unique feat on Aug. 6.

A threesome consisting of Blake Olson, Gord Huston and Randy Morford stepped up to the box on hole 17 at Ledgeview Golf and Country Club and what followed next was a true rarity in the sport.

Olson hit first and scored a hole-in-one, Huston managed a par, but Morford busted the odds by also achieving a hole-in-one just moments after Olson’s ace.

The likelihood of two amateurs in the same playing group both getting a hole-in-one on the very same hole are mind blowing.

According to the American group known as the National Hole In One Association, the odds of any amateur getting an ace is 12.500 to one. However, Golf Digest crunched its numbers and came to the conclusion that two average golfers playing in the same group both acing the same hole is approximately 17 million to one.

A similar feat made headlines last year when Ledgeview members Brian Casey and Dave Garrett both scored hole-in-ones when playing in July. Garrett scored the ace on hole three, while Casey accomplished the feat on hole 14.

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The next big event on the calendar for Ledgeview is the Senior Men’s and Ladies Club Championship, which runs on Aug. 22 and 23.

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