Two students from Clinton take part of a ski day at the 100 Mile Nordic Ski Society’s 99 Mile Ski Trails last winter. The Nordics are in the process of prepping for this yearand are looking for coaches for Ski S’Kools this year. File photo.

99 Mile Nordics prepping for ski season

Wildfire season impacts have organizers behind

Preparation work for the 100 Mile Nordic Ski Society’s 99 Mile Ski Trails is behind schedule because of the recent wildfire season.

“It’s been a crazy summer, so we’re really behind on getting organized for the ski season,” says society president Maryanne Capnerhurst.

“We have a great group of volunteers so hopefully we can pull it all together.”

Noting they didn’t lose any trails, Capnerhurst says she heard there was a fire guard pushed through, but after walking up through the trails she’s satisfied there wasn’t any damage.

“I didn’t walk the back 20 of the marathon. Basically, the Stormriders [wildfire fighting crew] were in our building and they staged in the snowmobile [clubhouse] area.

“It’s fine, but, obviously, we don’t have firewood brought in.

“The trails need to be maintained, mowed and cut because we weren’t allowed to use our trails or use our chainsaws just like everybody else in the community. We have to get our buildings ready, too.”

Noting they are having an executive meeting on Oct. 11, Capnerhurst says they will be setting dates for registration and the Ski Swap.

Meanwhile she is in the process of hiring attendants for the Lodge.

Society secretary Barb Matfin is also eager to get things rolling on the 99 Mile Trails.

She is heralding the annual call for folks to take coaching courses.

“We really need folks to step up, and volunteer to take the first two courses, in order to have enough coaches to continue our highly successful Ski S’Kool program.

“We already have a stable of great coaches, but are looking for more, so the present coaches don’t have to volunteer so much time.

“From all reports, everyone had a great time last season, the kids were really happy to learn to ski.”

Matfin says the Nordics will pay for the coaching course, and they hope to secure grants again this year to help with the costs.

As a Ski S’Kool coach, she adds, people would not be on their own. The Ski S’Kool co-ordinator will have everything organized, and new coaches will have a helper and be coaching alongside other groups.

“We also need helpers who have taken the courses, so if you’re not sure about coaching, you can start out as a helper.”

Ski S’Kool allows every Grade 3 age child in this area to try out cross-country skiing, which is something many of them may not experience otherwise.

“Last year, we offered two lessons each, and this year, the plan is for three lessons each.” Matfin adds the Nordics recognize not all families can afford organized sports outside of school.

For more information on Ski S’Kool, contact co-ordinator Lydia Degroot at 250-593-0364 or e-mail

“We’d sure like to continue the trend, with increased membership and participation.”

Coaching courses aren’t just for Ski S’Kool, Matfin says, adding they’re hoping to see an increase in numbers of children signing up for the regular Skill Development program as well, so the Nordics are always looking for coaches for these lessons.

For more information on Skill Development, contact Kristi Iverson at 250-396-7403 or e-mail

The first coaching course – Introduction to Community Coaching Workshop (ICCW) – will be held Oct. 20-21, Friday night and Saturday. It is held in the classroom and not on skis.

The second course – Community Coaching Workshop – is partially in the classroom, partially on snow on Nov 24-26. It will on Friday night, most of the day Saturday, and half a day on Sunday.

In addition, for coaches who are wishing to increase their coaching skills, the Nordics are also offering the next coaching courses in the National Coaching Certification Program – L2T (Learning to Train) Dryland on Oct. 27-29 and L2T (Learning to Train) On Snow on Dec. 9-10.

Folks who are interested should contact coaching co-ordinators Gary Carlson (250-395-2063 or or Brad 
Summers (250-644-4290 or

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