The Coal Hills BMX track in Cumberland took on a new look during the 4x4 Monster Mile Fitness Challenge.

The Coal Hills BMX track in Cumberland took on a new look during the 4x4 Monster Mile Fitness Challenge.

4×4 Monster Mile Fitness Challenge a success

Organizer Marc St. Jules says Coal Hills BMX track was ideal venue for inaugural event

More than 20 daring competitors showed up to test their pound-for-pound muscular strength, muscular endurance and speed stamina for the inaugural 4×4 Monster Mile Fitness Challenge.

The event took place Aug. 17 on the Coal Hills BMX track in Cumberland. “It was great to finally get the first event under my belt,” said Marc St. Jules, who started playing with the challenge concept over a year ago.

“This is an opportunity for people to create their own team of four whether it be same sex or co-ed, or you can compete as a couple or compete solo which can be looked at as the toughest 10 minutes in sports,” said St. Jules, who runs The CAVE Fitness centre in Comox and invented the St. Jules Method Performance Products.

Fittest solo competitor went to James Pratt and the fittest couple was Kelsey Cragg and Max Harder.

“From a spectator’s standpoint you won’t find a better venue than a BMX track to capture the entire race. There is no bad seat at the track, so watching the battle of the beasts perform pull-ups, dips, reverse push-ups and push-ups along with the 400m sprint on the unforgiving BMX track makes the event very motivating and inspiring for both competitors and spectators.” The score formula for the event is adding up your total repetitions and dividing by your running time. There is a lot of strategy with this event as every second and every rep counts. “We are in the process of planning four Monster Miles in the very near future including Nanaimo, Victoria, Whistler Village and a barefoot Monster Mile on Kitts Beach,” St. Jules said.

“With the explosion of team fitness challenges like the Tough Mudder, Spartan Race and Mud Sweat and Tears, this event will catch on quickly with the elite fitness enthusiasts, and I’d like to see the national championships held annually in the Comox Valley. I’d also like to thank Mike Weibe and the Coal Hills BMX Track for lending their time and track for the event.”

For more information on upcoming events you can visit St.Jules Method 4×4 Monster Mile on Facebook.


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