The Vic Marion Seniors' Tournament was cancelled this weekend because the grounds keeper couldn’t cut the grass which was too wet. (Jenna Cocullo / The Northern View)

108 Men’s golf results

108 Mile Golf Resort

  • Sep. 12, 2019 12:00 a.m.

108 Mile Golf Resort

Men’s Day – Sept. 4

Front 9 holes – 48 Golfers

Flight 1 (0-11):

First Low Gross: Shane Wilkie

Second Low Gross: Lee Hansen

Third Low Gross: Jim Zailo

First Low Net: Greg Aiken

Second Low Net: Jay Scott

Third Low Net: Tony Morete

KP: Lee Hansen

Long Putt: Tony Morete

Deuce Pot: Shane Wilkie

Flight 2 (12-15):

First Low Gross: Theo Wiering

Second Low Gross: Marty McClusky

Third Low Gross: Bill Graham

First Low Net: Jim French

Second Low Net: Rob Douglas

Third Low Net: Kurt Bicknell

KP: Kerry Deangelis

Long Putt: Kurt Bicknell

Deuce Pot: None

Flight 3 (16-21):

First Low Gross: Jamie Crellin

Second Low Gross: Ron Vandermey

Third Low Gross: Paul Luft

First Low Net: Bob Wieduwilt

Second Low Net: John Tomlinson

Third Low Net: Jack Rausch

KP: Bob Wieduwilt

Long Putt: Cooper Uphill

Deuce Pot: None

Flight 4 (22+):

First Low Gross: Duane Ney

Second Low Gross: Ron Kelly

Third Low Gross: Harvey Knapp

First Low Net: Laurie Lautrup

Second Low Net: Kelly Powell

Third Low Net: Vern Bell

KP: Carson Walker

Long Putt: Doug Johnston

Deuce Pot: None

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