Your sycophancy is showing

Writer responds to Tom Fletcher's column on environmentalist funding, suggesting he do more research.


Re: ‘Protest industry prepares for war against Alberta oil’ published March 7:

“It’s certainly bordering on conspiracy theory. The idea that all of these groups are interlinked and they’re that well coordinated, it doesn’t work that way, not on the environmental side of things. They are generally very disorganized and very discrete. It’s almost impossible — not impossible, but very improbable — what the author (Krause) is trying to argue here.” (political scientist Keith Brownsey of Mount Royal University, 2016).

As an “independent researcher” as you claim Vivian Krause to be, you can find Krause on the front page of the Globe and Mail (Jan. 9, 2012) along with the story of Prime Minister Stephen Harper and his Minister of Natural Resources Joe Oliver attacking opponents of the Enbridge Northern Gateway Pipeline. You can also see her in her Dec. 7, 2010 testimony (Canadian Parliamentary Committee on Natural Resources) stating, “The development of Alberta oil is a billion dollar opportunity, and I hope that we will make the most of that opportunity.”

Mr. Fletcher, I suggest you spend more time researching in a decidedly more informative non-partisan manner and less time ranting about the monies anti-pipeline folks spend to stop pipelines. The oil industry is a $129 billion dollar a year operation, a bit more than the relatively paltry handfuls of dollars every year BC anti-pipeline protesters can muster. I understand your boss wants to build a pipeline and a refinery near Kitimat, B.C., but ummm, your sycophancy is showing.

Keith Cummings


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