‘Yes’ vote on transit plebiscite would have hurt lowest paid

Editor: I’m glad that the plebiscite failed.

It would have hurt the lowest paid members of our society, like the homeless, pensioners, disabled, and basically anyone that does not make over $100,000 dollars per year, like I read in the Langley Times (Township salaries released, July 1).

The mayors can sit down again and think of new way to create more homeless people by raising fees, levies and home owner’s taxes, but I think that I have a better solution to the lack of funds.

First, get rid of the mayors council and run this province by the government that was elected to do that in Victoria.

Second, raise personal provincial income taxes like the rest of the provinces do and quit bragging about our province having the lowest personal provincial taxes in the country. This way, people who make a lot of money and use most of our infrastructure pay for it instead of Joe Q. Citizen, who makes, as you have reported, and average of $46,900 per year (or less).

Third, I think it is time for a change in our provincial leaders.

Hank Kuipers,


Langley Times