Writer voices Moose Mouse “concerns”

Long-weekend celebration sparks pride in community.

Open letter to district of Sicamous:

Please, all in good humour!

Imagine that I had to set an alarm if I wanted to get my fill of Uncle Terry’s blueberry pancakes at Moose Mouse days. How dare they make it so early – don’t they know I’m not a morning person!

I hope the town has insurance to cover the cost of an accident should anyone have slipped in the poop left on the parade route by the cute little Shetland ponies. And what were they thinking having a parade full of little kids, floats, classic cars, dignitaries, pirates, clowns, gorillas and local businesses showcasing their stuff. I hope the town had all the say.

How dare they set off fireworks while there’s a fire ban. Oh that’s right, they were set off of a barge under very controlled circumstances. And Sicamous knows how to do fireworks!

And I hope anyone who didn’t want to be forced to listen to some great blues music stayed clear of the Red Barn Arts Centre or the beach park as the tunes were rocking till dark!

I think, in the eyes of the town and anyone I asked, this event was a huge success, as are all the other community and special events Sicamous puts on. It brought to our community: tourists, economics, awareness of what we have to offer and a sense of pride for those who live here.

If anyone is considering moving to, say, Salmon Arm, let me know cause I know lots of people who would love to live here!

I can’t wait to see what’s next!

Karen Warrington



Eagle Valley News