‘Without cutting’ means tax increases

It’s time to figure out what Pitt Meadows needs and can afford, says letter writer.

Editor, The News:

Re: Pitt council accepts tax petition (The News, July 20).

Once again we see how much Pitt Meadows Mayor Deb Walters cares about the residents of Pitt Meadows.

She states in your story, “We have sent a clear message to staff to bring back a conservative budget without cutting services.”

Without cuts in services, the mayor is stating that tax increases will continue in the future. Will she ever come down from her ivory tower and realize that she can’t have everything she wants.

It’s time to figure out what Pitt Meadows needs and can afford.

I wish that I could get everything I wanted by spending other people’s money.

The story also states that having city staff do a zero increase budget would be a waste of staff resources.  Speaking about wasting staff resources, the mayor also stated she will send each of the petition signers a letter outlining the city’s stance on taxation.  How much will this cost?

Let’s see, the mayor will write one letter, then pass it on to city staff to modify and mail out. By the time all 900 letters are sent out, counting staff time, materials and postage, there goes, at minimum, another couple of thousand of our dollars.

Five years of worldwide recession and Pitt Meadows’ mayor and council continue on without controlling spending.

No one has asked for a tax reduction, just that they hold the line at zero, which most of us have had to do in regards to our earnings.

Archie Blankers

Pitt Meadows

Maple Ridge News

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