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If you don't like Qualicum Beach, there are options

Now that we are facing a near future of federal election, provincial HST referendum and threat of provincial election, our November municipal vote is in danger of being relegated to the nether regions of our consciousness.

We must not let this happen, as it is obvious that Qualicum Beach is already in the sights of the militant “Our way or the highway” growth group.

Reported in The News, March 22 edition is a plea from a representative of our town’s realtors to forget long-range planning and throw the town wide open to the developers.

Then, we were treated to an anti-Westbroek rant by ex-councillor, wannabe-mayor Wendy Maurer and a slagging of town policies by — can you believe it — Parksville councillor Al Grier. Breathtaking! But at least Mr. Grier displayed enough perception to end his letter with the sentence, “This is a no-brainer.”

Very few citizens of Qualicum Beach will approve 100 per cent the philosophy, policies and actions of council, and few will give complete approval to the decisions of the incumbent councillors, but the majority have indicated that they approve of the way the town is going and do not believe the cries of doom that the town will die if not thrown open to rampant growth.

B.C. and Canada have many communities smaller than Qualicum Beach that seem to be doing very nicely, thank you.

If you want big cities there are many of those, too, all waiting to welcome you.

F. H. Horner

Qualicum Beach


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