Willoughby residents need help with parking

It is hard to have guests to your home, and the problem is just getting worse

Editor: I am writing in regards to the parking issue in the area of 80 Avenue and 208 to 212 Streets.

I have lived in this area for three years now, and have watched as more and more parking is being eliminated. There is no chance of having a family dinner, as visitors have to park up to half a kilometre away.

I have watched three neighbours try to sell their homes, lowering the prices to below cost value, and they still couldn’t sell their homes. This is linked directly to the parking issue. Who wants to buy a home where you can’t have friends and family over to visit?

My home is only worth what someone will pay for it and right now that is nothing, yet my property taxes suggest otherwise. Is this what they are trying do to in Brookswood? It is very sad.

People need to have a voice on this issue — a very loud one.

Cindy Fraser,


Langley Times